Spring Clean Up


Our garden shed expels

Wow! It's been a whole two weeks since I've posted. Must be spring. Busiest time of the year for your favorite blogger.

Yes folks, I'm entering my busy season. Not only am I a full-time caregiver now, I am also the full-time manager of Casa Tipton-Kelly. Heretofore Bill's strokes, Bill and I shared chores in the upkeep of our almost one acre (.97 acres) of verdant wildlife sanctuary that we call our backyard. Now that has all fallen up on me. Not that I am complaining, I expected to eventually have full responsibility for running our whole operation down here in lower slower Delaware.

Thank goodness my daily routine for caring for Bill has settled into a manageable routine. Every day I wash Bill's edema swollen legs with anti-bacterial soap. I help him dress. I fee him. I take him for rides. I shower loving attention on him. Not that there hasn't been a few "bumps" in the road but overall I'm managing. Every day I give thanks that I have Bill here at home to care for him and make his final days comfortable and enjoyable. And most important to let him know he is loved. The "bumps" incurred because of misunderstandings because of communication problems. Bill has profound hearing loss. His short term memory is just about shot. And his eyesight is getting worse (macular degeneration). Sometimes I get tired of constantly repeating myself because he doesn't hear and can't remember what I said. I think I've corrected that problem. It's all a learning curve folks. 

Now that I have extra time I can finally clean out our garden shed from items that Bill thought was necessary to keep Casa Tipton-Kelly running smoothly. Do we need three weed-eaters? No. I hate them because they're gas operated and kill my back when I operate them. We even have a compressor taking up space in that shed. That goes. Question is do I attempt to sell it or call Just Junk and have it disposed of? We also have an extra screen door (in case we need it) in the basement. That goes. Believe it or not we also have THREE gas powered leaf blowers. They all go. I bought a new electric leaf blower that operates MUCH easier than those pull rope gas blowers that take multiple tries before they start. 

I'm still trying to decide whether to advertise my garage cleanup items on our local NextDoor app or just bite the bullet and call Got Junk? I know how I'm going to rid of all those mouse poop pellets in our garden shed, with my new leaf blower. Of course I'll wear a mask whilst doing said chore.


VRCooper said…
Hello Ron:

Don't scare me!!

I was ready to fly out there. I am fully vaccinated so I can take a chance.

I hope Spring is treating you well.

Yes, advertise on the Next Door site. We have one here in Denver and they are constantly advertising free stuff or at least next to nothing. I get the notices and only dig further if something is interesting. I am amazed at what people post. A lot of Karens and Bills-what do you call a male Karen. Some just have too much time on their hands. I will give Bill a pass because he is old school. Things that are not environmentally friendly and one can never go wrong with a back-up of a back-up. But there comes a time-as we get older-that we need to pair down.

Don't overdo it. But is it nice to be outside? A change of scenery! Clears the cobwebs.

Be well and we need regular updates. Your groupies are nosey.


Anonymous said…
Spring cleaning. Mulching and flowers. The rituals of spring. Don't know if youlive near a Habitat for Humanity ReStore but
they are a good source to donate to. Best to call and ask if they take a certain item. in some areas they even do pick ups.
Ur-spo said…
how about a fire-sale garage sale?
poop is extra.
Anonymous said…
Ur-spo, you made me laugh out loud!!! I wish I had the energy and desire to do a good spring cleaning. I cut the grass and hubby does the edging. We both do other yard work as well - nothing too big. But, we really need to purge a bunch of stuff. A great example - I could easily throw a dinner party for 25, we have so many plates. No exaggeration! There’s only 2 of us - we certainly don’t need all this stuff! A huge purge is definitely in order. I think I’ll go sit down and have a glass of wine till that urge goes away🤣 I’m glad you’ve settled in to a good routine. Happy summer to you and Bill! Hugs from Margaret in Rehoboth.
nitewrit said…

Funny how stuff multiplies. Things must fool around at night. Good, getting rid of all those noise makers. Electric liefblower is way to go. Sell if you can. I hate selling my stuff. I give it away usually or junk it.

slugmama said…
Find a local Facebook online sales group where they can come and pick up stuff and pay you. No shipping and you just need to post a photo and the price. Easy Peasy.
The best to you and Bill. 8-))
Jon said…
I have an enormous amount of spring cleaning to do but I'm physically falling apart. I'm attempting a few things at a time. Sometimes I think it's best just to throw things out instead of going through the trouble of trying to sell them. Take care - my thoughts are with you and Bill.
Ron said…
Believe it or not I was ac tally able to sell one of the items (air compressor) that I had in the shed. I sold it to a neighbor through NextDoor (he was just around the corner from our house) for $25.00, mouse poop included (as I told him). I haven't had a chance to do anything else because of "Bill problems" (he lost his hearing aid now, we've looked everywhere and can't find it). I've debated listing all the crazy things Bill is doing now because of his eyesight, hearing, and cognitive problems but have decided against it for the time being. Too overwhelming for me just now. I am exhausted trying to keep up with Bill from creating further problems here. One day at a time. Just get through the day. That's my goal now.
Ron said…
We do have a Habitat for Humanity thrift store (Restore) near us. I go there at least once a week! They're very picky about what they accept though. It may be easier to try and sell some of my items and call Got Junk! to get rid of the rest of the mouse poop covered items left in the shed. Thanks for the tip.
Ron said…
Garage sale? No way! Tried that once. I have much better things to do with my time. Total waste of time, at least to me. I'll call Got Junk! and pay to have the stuff removed.
Ron said…
Hi! Long time no hear. Hope you're doing well. I don't know about a Facebook group that does what you say. I may call Got Junk! and have they haul it away. Just to get rid of the stuff. I'll try and give some of it away, at least the stuff that works.
Ron said…
Some of the items I will try to sell. I actually sold my air compressor to a neighbor for $25. He knows he got a good buy and I got some money. Maybe if I sell enough to cover the cost of paying Got Junk! to get rid of the rest of the stuff that doesn't work. I have to get rid of so much. Way overdue.
Jon, believe me, you don't want to be a caregiver like I am doing now 24/7. Just today all the crazy things Bill did. Profound hearing loss, legally blind and cognitive issues but still insists on doing what he did before which just causes a LOT more problems for me. I'm barely keeping it together here Jon. I'm glad I have Bill with me here at home but believe me, it is a challenge. At least he knows who I am and isn't in pain.
Ron said…
Like you, I hate selling stuff but some of the things I have are of value. I'll give most of my stuff away and the rest goes out in Got Junk!. Maybe I can sell enough to cover the cost of paying Got Junk! to take away the trash.
Ron said…
I too have a dinner set for eight that a friend gifted me in 1964. I have NEVER used it! But I won't give it away, too many fond memories of that guy (Jim Groh) who gave it to me. When Bill and I are gone, some thrift store is gong to get a bonanza.
Spo is a funny guy isn't he? I'm glad you had a chance to meet him all those years ago at The Backyard restaurant in Milton. If Spo (Michael) ever comes back this way again (no Bloggerpaloozias in the future) I'll be sure to let you know.
Good to hear from you Margarget. As you know I'm not working at the hotel now that I'm caring for Bill 24/7 but I hope to go back sometime in the future. I do miss that job and the people and my co-workers!

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