Phases Of My Life

Taking a break from my now life's a caregiver, this is what some of my life was previously until today. 

In order of appearance, this is a description of each photo:

  • "Dessie", my first crush/love - 1962 - at a friend's cottage Chesapeake, City, Maryland during my Army days

  • Peggy Fisher, bowling banquet, me president giving address during my work employment at Girard Bank, Philadelphia, PA

  • My and my school friends Jack and Larry at a class reunion at another classmate's farm in Mainheim, PA

  • Me and my two younger brothers John and Isaac and our dog "Sam" (Chesapeak Bay Retriever) at "The Old Swimming Hole", Boot Road, Downingtown, PA circa 1954

  • A very tired me after my night auditor gig at The Hampton Inn, Exton, PA - I had to sleep in my windowless basement room during the day to get my sleep cycle back on track - obviously not so successful

  • Me and my longtime friend and co-worker Don McKenzie at my friend Bob McCamley's single wide trailer home outside Georgetown, DE circa 1978

  • Me and my longtime friend Bob McCamley at my home in Downingtown, PA 

  • Me and my brother John's family and my Mother at John's home in Windsor, PA circa 1979

  • Me and my first boyfriend after I got out of the Army in January of 1963 - his name was Joe Labriola and he was an ice skater in the Ice Capades - this is the only picture of him that he gave to me - it was taken in Mexico City during one of his tours 

  • Me and a later boyfriend Harold Harnish, a quiet, bearded man from a Mennonite family circa 1982 - he gave me this picture, all I know is that it was taken on a boat on some body of water

  • Me when I worked at First Financial Bank. Coincidentally I could look out my office window and see the apartment building where I grew up in the late 40's and early 50's. This picture was taken around 2001, a good fifty years since I left that address. Interestingly I had gone a long way from that address only to return to it much later in my life. The apartment building looked the same and still housed white trash, just like when me and my family lived there for $22.50 a month (cockroaches included) from 1947 to 1954.

  • A collage of images from Palm Springs, California, a destination I discovered much later in my life. This picture was taken about 2017. I may end my days in that Garden of Eden for old gay guys, that is Palm Springs, California.

  • Me in front of the White House during my Army days stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland 1961.

  • Hopefully an angel awaits me when I depart this earthly existence.

  • Tom and Antonio from "Philadelphia" - Tom's knowing look perfectly exemplifies my extraordinary life.  I worked at Girard Bank which was right next to Philadelphia City Hall where filming was done for this movie. I went by the sets every day, never saw Tom or Antonio once. Everything was ensconced in trailers and covered tunnels to City Hall. This picture reminds me of the first gay bar I went into in a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. It was a speakeasy type bar that you had to get to by a fire escape out back of the regular neighborhood bar. The year was 1963 and that was how one went to gay bars in those days. First thing I saw when I entered the darkened bar was two men slow dancing. This was way before disco. A feeling of warm comfort immediately sweated over me. I had found my home. The rest is history which I may (or may not) continue to share on this blog. All depends if I have enough time left.


Woody in Ohio said…
Ron, I applaud your efforts to record your life and many of the events that shaped it. To so many they mean absolutely nothing but to people like you and I they mean so much. I have been busy working on my own project archiving thousands of original documents, keepsakes and photographs. While I enjoy it very much along with it does come a lot of stress. Reliving all the memories, the good and the bad, is a difficult task for anyone who undertakes it. My families can be traced back centuries and their records can be viewed in museums, libraries and private collections in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany and Poland. These records are well preserved and have been valued through the ages and people felt that they are worth the money and the effort spent maintaining them for the future generations to come. However, here in the United States unless you want to give the places that can archive your records a sizeable donation/endowment they won't accept them. I have also found in my own lifetime that my families records held in American historical collections are being digitally recorded and the originals being offered to the survivors of the family they were originally acquired from. I have been told it is just to expensive to maintain the originals and they are being sold like so many great collections of books in libraries. Not much we can do about it except to continue to do what you and I are doing to archive our memories. Ron, keep up the good work. I enjoy looking at your archived items on YouTube. You and Bill were very good looking younger men. Bill sure did have a great smile. All the Best to you Ron. You are a very special person. Haha! I on the other hand "talk too much" trying to make a simple point! No reply expected or wanted.
Ron said…
I understand completely. I have many original documents of historical facts about my family. It's a shame but I think they'll be discarded once I'm gone. I wish I had the original photos of my father's father's (grandfather) brothers and sisters. I know some of them are in some dusty drawer in a lower income house in and near Johnson City, Tennessee and/or the hills of western North Carolina where my father and his brothers were born and left for southeastern Pennsylvania in 1930. I haven't given up yet. Seeing those old photos and documents brings me a sense of completeness and pleasure. The same as when I post my old photos and videos. I think someone will be interested in them long after I'm gone so my effort isn't for naught. I hope not anyway.
VRCooper said…
The hell with the pictures...I waiting with bated breath for the autobiography VOLUME 1...With pictures and they do not count with page count...You have indeed lived a full life AND still do...XOXO
Ron said…
With my autobiography (and what a story I can tell), I'm still undecided whether to use real names or not. Probably should use real names for historical accuracy but so many people do Internet searches these days and I'm sure my revelations would cause embarrassment. Unveiling long buried family secrets. Tis a conundrum.
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