My Way

 Oh I sure did do it my way. 

Yes, I'm still playing with this lip synch Wombo app that Pat sent to me a few weeks ago.

On this latest version I'm lip synching Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way."  God, I wish I had this kind of talent. Not just the singing voice but the physical expressions. Looking at this short video I see how stilted I am but that there was always the possibility that I could do more. It's too late in my life now to change. I am one of those old men who is absolutely set in his ways. 

My new "way" is staying home all day caring for Bill. He's improving but will never get back to where he was before his strokes in January. With medication he could live another six months to a year and even eighteen months. Of course one never knows but I am heartened that he is able to get around on his own now. He can go to the bathroom by himself but he still needs me to help him shower, which tomorrow is shower day (he hates "shower day"). 

First thing in the morning when I get up I check on him via the baby/elder camera I installed in his room. He's usually there waiting for me. I wash his edema swollen legs and feet which seems to be helping his condition. Then we go upstairs for breakfast. I always make him the same thing, oatmeal with a heaping tablespoon of sugar. Half and half is his preferred addition to his porridge/oatmeal. Before his oatmeal I give him is daily morning medications. In the evening he receives more medications. 

Once a week his hospice nurse visits. The past two weeks she's had a helper with her. They're both very good. They'e helped us a lot, unlike the health care workers who were more disruptive and didn't really help us. 

After breakfast I tell Bill I'm going "into my office", which is where I go to check my e-mails, blogs, pay bills, etc. Always something to do there. 

Later on in the morning we take our Daily Ride. Bill do so love his rides. I also look forward to the rides, they are not a chore for me. Now that I'm to going to work at the hotel twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), I need to go out. Where we usually go for our daily rides is Food Lion or the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store. Tomorrow is special because we're making the long trip to BJ's Wholesale Club in Millsboro. Always a nice long ride. At BJ's I can buy a rotisserie chicken for $4.99 which is bargain. Bill doesn't eat meat any more nor do I eat brown meat. I used the breast meat on the chicken to make my favorite chicken salad with apples and cranberries. I put the brown meat and the rest of the chicken carcass out back on our lawn for the local vultures to dispose of. Bill likes sitting in his chair in the sun room and watching the vulture pecking order to see who gets to take off with that chicken carcass.

Doesn't this sound exciting folks? Works for us. Just the way this Wombo app works for me. I've played it numerous times, and it always makes me smile. I hope it brings a smile to your face too.


VRCooper said…
Look at you being all fancy with new technology...Isn't it fun...Be well and have a great week...
Ur-spo said…
A trait I admire in you is you do it 'my way'
good for you.
Ron said…
I try to find smiles whenever I can. that app makes me smile!
Ron said…
Don't I ever? Yes, I have always done it my way, damn the consequences.
Woody in Ohio said…
Ron, my hero! Your telling us about and how you are doing it your way is so gosh darn cathartic for me. It is helping me to stand up for myself and say to the doctors, lawyers and my know it all friends "Hey, it's my life and I listened to you all and now I am doing it my way. I am becoming more and more content as each week passes. Following you, and some of your friends, has helped me validate what I am doing to help myself and it's working. Have a nice day Ron and keep on smiling and doing it your way. Enjoy your week! The same to the peeps, too.
nitewrit said…

I am pleased with how you are approaching things. Your spirits seem to be rising. Bill being able to do somethings for himself is a help to you both.


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