Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mulch Delivery

Hi folks! I'm back. Time flies when you're (me) having fun doesn't it?

Of course my whole life now is devoted and spent taking care of Bill. He is stabilized now but he needs almost constant observation and care. 

Once a week his hospice nurse calls (yesterday) and on alternate weeks she visits to check on Bill. She's very good, she cares. She checks Bill's blood pressure and asks all the right questions. She also makes sure we have all the medications and medical equipment we need, usually the same day. 

Spring has sprung around here and my daily must do activities are ramping up. Right now I am awaiting a call for the delivery of thirty bags of cedar mulch. Me and the mulch company have been playing telephone tag for the last week trying to arrange a delivery date. Ironic since they're right up the road. I can almost walk there but I can't pick up thirty bags of heavy mulch. 

Before spring has spring I has quite busy around Casa Tipton-Kelly with regular household maintenance. In years past I had Bill's help, he mowed the lawn, took care of all the handyman work, was able to shower himself (I have to help him shower every three days like this morning, he can't undress or dress himself or wash himself down). Now I'm doing everything he did, plus my regular chores and cooking for Bill, administering his medication, taking him for his daily ride, repeating myself at least three times when I try to communicate with him because of his profound hearing loss and cognitive decline.  My good friend Pat who lives in a thirteenth floor luxury penthouse in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada asked me last week "What are you doing today?"  He has no idea. Living in a thirteen floor penthouse in downtown Hamilton, he's not concerned with mulch deliveries, fixing that oil leak in the John Deere EZTrack riding mower, trying to start the leaf blower, cleaning the bird baths, mowing almost an acre of lawn every five days, etc., etc., etc. No idea bless his heart. 

Every now and them I can grab a few minutes for myself like I am now and update my blog while I await the call from the mulch delivery guy. After the mulch delivery then we're off to BJ's Wholesale to get some more of those delicious anise flavored Belgian waffles that Bill has developed a fondness for. 

As we transition into summer here at Casa Tipton-Kelly, I am thankful that I have been able to resume my daily afternoon naps. I need to naps to recharge myself. In a few sort months I'll be eighty years old. By this time in my life my father had a quadruple heart surgery in which they discovered me had lung cancer and he died eight months later at age eighty of that lung cancer. Approaching my eightieth year, my heart is still ticking and there are no signs of cancer since my prostate cancer diagnoses and treatment in 2013. 

I'm also thankful that Bill is a home and not warehoused in some impersonal, expensive facility slowing wasting away. I thankful that I am able to be with him and take care of him. I count my blessings every day. 

Now where is that mulch guy?

Just got the call!


nitewrit said...


I can understand what your life is like, just from the other side of things. Like Pat I don't have to contend with getting mulch or oil leaks oil any of the regular tasks my life us to entail, because like biklkl,si can't do them. But I must take care of myself and more and more my wife. It is frustrating and difficult. I have an aide who comes each week and bathes me, but that I can't do for myself It is beginning to be hard to brush my teeth and too shave. My wife goes for an MRI next wok. Who knows what will be discovered. But I will hang on here as long as I am able, no institution to house me away in. I hope to die in my home. My concerns go too you and Bill. You have tough duty now. Just do';t forget we friends I your tasks. I am here for you, even if I can't do much to help.


Joel Reisteter said...

Ron, if you and Bill recited the traditional wedding vows, " sickness and in health..." you are living those vows now, even if you men never actually said them to each other.
Your blog is a true inspiration to me.
What you need now is two other people to help you and take turns taking care of Bill, "Casa Tipton-Kelly" and taking care of you, yes you, Ron Tipton.
Thank you very much for this lovely blog. I see Love at work here. Thanks!

VRCooper said...


Hope your week ended well.

We have to get you a man Friday to help with things OUTSIDE the house. It is coming up on summer and maybe a Speedo-clad man about 30 +. I just.

Don't forget to take time for self-care.

Let Bill know that his fans are thinking about him.

Have a great weekend.



Breenlantern said...

I hope my retired golden years are spent taking care of my home and partner as yours is. And I hope I am healthy enough to do it.


Ur-spo said...

good for you for going forth with the cycles of the season.

Ron said...

I too hope you will reach the "golden years" where you can devote all of your time to taking care of your home and your partner. Being healthy enough is a challenge though, which is what I am experiencing now. My fear is that Bill will outlive me. I'm running out of steam, I can feel it each day. But one day at a time as they say.

Ron said...

I love the change of seasons, something which I took for granted for most of my life. Now that I am at the end, I appreciate those seasonal changes even more. If I do eventually move to Palm Springs, that's one thing I would sorely miss.But there is an ease of life in Palm Springs, and I may not have a choice. I'm definitely slowing down approaching my 80th year. I can feel it even more each day.

Ron said...

Yes, we are living at a challenging time of our lives now Lar. Every day I can feel where I am running out of steam. I try to ignore it but it is there, refusing to go away. I am thankful that Bill is at home and I can care for him. Today his hospice nurse visits. She's very good. And for that I am also very thankful. Could be a lot worse. I just hope I don't become incapacitated or die before Bill.

Ron said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, taking care of Bill now is part of deal when I agreed to move in with Bill all those years ago (1965). I had no idea we would live this long. My hope now is that I can outlive Bill. My biggest fear is that I won't be able to. I feel weaker every day. Hopefully that is just my imagination from being so tired. One day at a time.

Ron said...

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, a landscape "helper" clad in a Speedo won't do anything for me now I need energy myself. I'm very fatigued almost every day. Somedays I think I'm running on fumes.
Thanks for your comment and encouragement. Have a great day!

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