How I Pass My Time These Days

Now that I'm not working my part-time job at the hotel, what you may ask do I do with my spare time? Not that I have a lot of spare time but I am able to secure some Ron Time when Bill goes to bed which is usually around 7 PM at night. These days he does stay in bed all night and is waiting for me in the morning when I go down to his basement bedroom and prepare him for the day. 

Usually in the evenings like this I play online Scrabble with Pat while my TV is on in background (wallpaper), almost always on MSNBC (Joy, Chris, Rachel and Lawrence). Sometimes I update my blog like I'm doing now. I also take care of business like tonight I ordered spring bulbs from Breck's to arrive in the fall. I'm always enthused in the spring to order bulbs but when they arrive in the fall, I am so tired from yard work and ready to take my winter break, I have to force myself to plant those bulbs. But when spring rolls around, like this year, I'm glad I made the effort. Thus hundreds of my bulbs will be shipped to Casa Tipton-Kelly for their forever home this fall.

On the weekends, in this the COVID area, I FaceTime with my friends Pat, Glen, Don, Larry and Stuart, all of whom are located across the country from Delaware, California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Canada. Lately I've been Zooming my friends, although I'm still having trouble arranging those Zoom calls. I recorded our Zoom call yesterday.  I was going to post it to this blog but decided not to because it is twenty minutes long and perhaps the other participants would not want me to do so. By the way, any of my blog readers want to Zoom call, let me know and we'll give it a try. I usually add Pat to the mix. Nice way to meet people personally. Let me know.

The other thing I do on the weekends is attend the Tipton Cinema which is my home movie theater in my bedroom. I have an older 60 inch Samsung flat screen TV and I play my Netflix rented DVDs on a CD player (only get 489 pixels) but I do get surround sound and I don't have to share my movie theater with someone talking and I can pause my movie anything to take a bathroom break or a refreshment call. I LOVE my home theater. Last night I watched "Before Night Falls". A biopic about a gay Cuban poet during the Castro regime. Movie wasn't great but I'm including a clip that shows the wide ranging talents of Johnny Depp.  Yes, he is "Bon Bon", the glamours drag queen of the Cuban prison. Damn he's good. I didn't know who "Bon Bon" was until I read the credit to the movie. Johnny had all the moves down didn't he? I love watching actors who have talent like that. By the way, can you imagine Brad Pitt as "Bon Bon"? I can't.  Which reminds me, I have to watch "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" again.

I need the diversion.


Jon said…
I know how difficult things are for you now, Ron, but I'm glad that you're able to find some time to relax, talk to friends, and watch movies.
Johnny Depp is really an extraordinary actor - surprisingly different in every role. The video clip of him in drag is priceless.
By the way, I haven't seen "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" in a long time.
Take very best to you and Bill always.
VRCooper said…
I love a good plan...Seems that you and Bill have a groove...Yes, Ron time is important...Be well and take care of OUR Bill!!
Ron said…
Always appreciate your comments. Yes, I have found a way to carve out time for myself now that I am a full-time caregiver staying at home. I miss my job at the hotel terribly but I'm managing. I just hope I can go back to my job if I survive Bill. One never knows who goes first though.
I LOVED that clip of Johnny Depp in drag. He got it down perfectly.
Ron said…
Yes, Bill and I have worked our our "goose" now. A few bumps but overall, things are working out as I hoped they would when I brought Bill home from the rehab hospital. My goal every day is to make it the best day for both of us, together.
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