Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Hey folks, taking a break from my Nurse Ron life and posting a different kind of blog posting. This one I stole from Ur-Spo of Spo Reflections.  I've always like these kind of posts because the information gives you an insight into the blogger's personality and life, something which I always find interesting.

Here goes:

What's top my mind - concerned that I might not survive caring for Bill. My biggest fear is that I will die before Bill. Lately I've been so fatigued, I can hardly move. Of course a lot of this may just be my imagination. I hope it is anyway.

Where I've Been - to the VA Outpatient Clinic in where I received my second dose of the COVID (Pfizer) vaccine. I have my proof of vaccination card and now I'm ready to travel. But I'm not going anywhere as long as I'm Bill's caregiver.

What I'm watching - MSNBC usually, which is in the background when I am writing a blog such as this or cooking in our kitchen. However, since the Trump Show left town I'm less interested in watching TV these days. I yearn for a good movie from my Netflix DVD rentals, which I haven't been able to find recently. 

Where I'm going - Where I would LIKE to go is my usual trips to Philadelphia, Palm Springs and Canada but since COVID, my travel plans were put on hold. Now that I'm a caregiver, my traveling days are unknown. These days my big trips are to Food Lion for food shopping and Royal Farms for their famous chicken and biscuits.

What I'm reading - I just finished reading "Queen" which was a very good, detailed biography of my all-time favorite female vocalist Dinah Washington. Now I'm reading "Extreme Measures" which is a book by a doctor on the end of life and the extreme measures the medical establishment goes to keep us alive no matter how old and sick we are. 

What I'm listening to - I don't and never have listened to podcasts (aren't they just a radio show?) Before Bill's stroke I used to listen to Artie Shaw  big band music from Pandora radio on my Bose radio. These days I don't listen, not in the mood. Perhaps later I will return.

Who I'm paying attention to - Bill, of course. He's had two strokes, I fully expect him to have another stroke and now that he is under home hospice care, I will not be calling 911 but his hospice nurse. The focus on Bill now is to make him comfortable. No more extreme measures to prolong his life. Sounds hard and cruel but at ninety-two years old and a long life well lived, Bill is so frustrated these days because of his failing eyesight, hearing, energy and cognitive issues. Right now we're making each day count. Each day is a gift. 

What I'm planning - cedar lining my remaining walking in closet (I have two of them in my bedroom, a "His" and "Hers" but since there is just ME, I'm splurging. I had cedar lined closets at our home in Pennsylvania and loved it. I would love to replicate that comforting smell of cedar in our home here in Delaware before I tap out.


Travel said...

Not an easy book, but well written, I did a review of it a couple of years ago.

VRCooper said...

Dear Ron:

"...which is a book by a doctor on the end of life and the extreme measures the medical establishment goes to keep us alive no matter how old and sick we are."

I may have said this but my master's is in public health with an emphasis in health education health promotion. I have been in health care for over 20 years. I have done patient care, administrative, and now in management. I have seen and heard it all.

I could not agree more with the above quotation. In America, we spend so much money on end-of-life care. Whereas we neglect preventive care. As a country, we would rather throw money at you to keep you alive for a few more years. Just think of the quality of life one would have if we invested in preventive mediciane-to include dental/eye care/and mental health. Our lives would be so much richer. Or even more so, have universal quality health care. We already know what has happened to have health insurance companies/lobbyists rule the roost. I read somewhere someone posted a denial letter from an insurance company stating they did not raise enough-gofundme-towards their care. So the authorization was denied. What?? Only in America.

I always dreamed of winning the lottery. With the money, I would trick out one of those mobile buses. You know the ones that go around offering free breast exams. I would have one just for men. I would paint it a fabulous color. I would have about two exam rooms, a mini lab, and a waiting area. I would offer screenings for all the health benchmarks of men's health-blood pressure, prostate exams, cholesterol, and diabetes checks...I would partner with places that can do radiology/US and do a sliding scale on prescriptions. There are so many free offerings for women and children. What about us guys. This would be my ultimate dream.

Be well dear,


Breenlantern said...

Don’t forget the 2 week waiting period after your 2nd vaccination for the vaccine to reach the height of its effectiveness (not that you’re going anywhere anytime soon.) Hoping you find moments of peace and calm throughout your day and Bill remains as comfortable and content as possible. A day at a time, my friend.


Ron said...

Travel (David),
"Queen" (Dinah Washington biography), has a lot of detail in it but that was what I was looking for in a biography of her because I love her music and wanted to know more about her background. Her version of "Where Are You?" was a seminal moment in my life. If I had a funeral service, I would want that song played. But since I'm going quietly, I will have to keep that song in my heart.

Ron said...

Sassy Bear,
I am able (now) to find those moments and sometimes hours during my day for calm.I am especially thankful that I could resume my afternoon naps of an hour or hour and a half. I need those naps to recharge. We have our routine now but it is trying on me that I cannot go to work twice a week like I used to before Bill's strokes. That was a nice balance to my life. But I have adjusted due to Bill's condition. I want his remaining days to be as pleasant as possible for him. I am very thankful I have hat opportunity to do so.

Ron said...

I am so thankful that I can provide a comfortable end of life for Bill. At times this is exhausting but well worth it. Many don't have the opportunity that I have. I am very lucky.

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