Friday, March 19, 2021

The March Winds Blow Cold

Bill on the lookout waiting for the trash trucks this morning

 Cold, cold, cold and windy this March morning here at Casa Tipton-Kelly. 

Bill is at his usual spot on this trash pickup day. Every other week is recycle pickup. Wouldn't you know it, today is extra windy.  Our neighbor's trash was packed as it usually is (they have two young daughters) and this wind blew open the top of their trash can so now we have some their trash in our yard. I've already picked up some on this cold, cold, cold and windy day. Oh how I long for some warm days. I've had enough of the cold. 

For the second year in a row we didn't receive any significant snow here in southern coastal Delaware which is just fine with me. I'll enjoy the snow I see on TV, I don't need to experience it especially since I fell on the snow and ice a few years back and tore my left leg quadricep muscle. That leg hasn't been right since but I walk again for which I will be forever grateful.

Bill continues to improve but he will never be the same Bill he was before his stroke. He's very weak. Often gets confused. Is hard to understand (he often slurs his words). But he does manage to get around on his own but I still have to help him dress and undress and shower, which I probably will have to do for the rest of his life.

Our morning ritual is for me to change the dressing on his legs where he has a severe case of edema. His hospice nurse sent in another prescription of antibiotics to combat any infection. His lower legs are so swollen that his pant legs almost don't go over the dressing. I will have to buy him a bigger pair of pants today. He doesn't like the yoga pants I had purchased for him. No zipper. 

We got our stimulus payments this week. I can use that money since I'm no longer working at the hotel (I'm on hiatus as long as I need to care for Bill). I have some big bills coming up. Home insurance, car insurance, spring mulching and cleanup and the usual high heating bills. Thank goodness most of our medical expenses are covered by Medicare Part A (Bill's Philadelphia stay) and the VA Community Care Program. I have to say that the VA is taking excellent care of Bill. 

These days my social life consists of FaceTime and Zoom calls with my friends Pat, Larry, Glenn and Don. Thank goodness for digital media. Oh how I look forward to the day when life can return to pre pandemic normal.  Pat and I had a nice routine, getting together every three months in Philadelphia, Canada and Palm Springs, California. Next week I get my second COVID vaccination shot. Maybe then I can travel again. I just about have Bill talked into letting me taking a respite vacation by staying at the hospice center for a week. The home hospice program we're under provides me as Bill's caregiver, a "respite" every ninety days up to a week.  At first Bill was totally against that but now he is coming around to realizing that if I get a week off every three months, that will be good for both of us. 


nitewrit said...


Hard to find pants anymore with flies. Must think we are all women the days.


Ur-spo said...

I am learning the value - nay, the necessity! - of having caretakers take time off to take care of themselves.
Bill needs to see this as vital for the both of you.

Ron said...

Lar (nitwit),
Seems clothes are unisex these days.

Ron said...

Being a full-time caregiver is exhausting. Rewarding in that one can spend time with a loved one instead of having them warehoused in an expensive and impersonal facility but this full-time caregiving does take a toll.I was talking to my cousin Bud yesterday (same age as me). He was his mother's sole caretaker for "a couple of years. He had to deal with a colostomey bag too which he said you need get used to but "you do what you have to do." At least I don't have to do that but Bill doesn't have the occasional "accident" (discovered one this morning) which he doesn't realize he had because he has no sense of smell. He has profound hearing loss, legally blind and his cognitive skills are deteriorating. He needs help dressing, he cannot dress himself. Just taking care of myself, tires me out. Imagine doubling that and reverse. I have to get behind him to button his shirt and sweater. I never in a million years thought I would be in this position. I asked my cousin Bud (who now lives with his divorced sister) "Who is going to take care of you?" He said "whatever happens, happens." He just got back from a week's stay in the hosptial after waking up one day and not knowing where he was. All those tests and they don't know what happen. He said "Getting old is hell Ronniie". Tell me about it. The good news is that I get my second vaccination shot this Wednesday. I sure would like to go back to work at the hotel but I don't see that in my foreseeable future. I only have time now to respond to your comment with this long comment because Bill just went to bed. He goes to bed early but he also gets up early, and we do it all over again

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