Ron Is Now Vaccinated!

Waiting for my first COVID vaccination shot at the VA Outpatient Clinic

Hey folks! I got my first vaccination shot on Wednesday at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Georgetown, DE. 

I got the Pfizer vaccine.  My second shot is scheduled for March 24th. 

I am so relieved. I haven't mentioned it much but I was concerned that I would carry the COVID virus back to Bill. I tried to arrange a shot for Bill but they declined, saying in effect he was too old.

In a few minutes Bill's hospice nurse is scheduled to arrive for her weekly visit. Now that Bill isn't on home health care, the we're not receiving those two and three times a week visits from the home health aides, sometimes two at a time. Very disruptive although they were just doing their job. Those visits weren't helping us though, especially the last two where both times the aide advised me to take Bill to the local emergency room right away, which solved nothing as far as Bill's condition.

We're continuing to settle into a routine here. Every three days I help Bill take a shower. Daily I dress his right leg which is weeping from his edema condition. I'm actually getting pretty good at it. Nurse Ron here.

I have to say I do miss my twice a week stint at the hotel where I work as a front desk agent. I miss the interaction with the guests.  Working twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays from 3 PM to 11 PM) provided a nice break from my at home routine. Now I spend all my time at home. I've floated the idea of going back to work but Bill won't hear of it. He says "I don't have that long to go, I want you here."

I do have the option of temporarily placing him at the home like setting at the hospice center for a week every ninety days so I can get away and be on my own. He isn't going for that idea either. I know that probably sounds selfish on Bill's part but I understand his need. And I am glad that I have the opportunity to take care of him at this time.

Yesterday I took Bill to a local audiology provider for his new hearing aids. Bill has an ancient set of hearing aids now that were recently broken at the rehab hospital where he spent two weeks. It's going to take six to eight weeks to get Bill's new hearing aids but hopefully they will make his life a bit easier, and mine (I won't have to shout at much).

Bill waiting for his hearing aid appointment

The hospice nurse (Caitlin) hasn't arrived yet but I'm finished this posting. After she leaves we're off to one of my favorite places, the RESTORE (Habitat for Humanity) Thrift Store. I almost always find a "find" there. Plus, we also get Bill out for his daily ride. 

Have a great day everyone!



Breenlantern said…
So glad you got your first shot and scheduled for your second. We both have our first and will get seconds next weekend. While we plan to stay isolated and masked, we’re still relieved to have another layer of protection.

I imagine caring for Bill is both rewarding and challenging. You get to be there for him when he needs you, but it’s a hardship, too. Jeffrey’s usually the caretaker for me, but I hope we both live long enough to allow me to care for him the same way, when he needs it. Ah love - ain’t it a pisser?

Stay safe and give bill a gentle hug for me (even if he won’t know me, I’ll still send it!)


Anonymous said…
My experience (3 times) with hospice care is that the patient's decline can happen fast and then plateau at a lower level for awhile.
So while being sole caregiver is not easy, enjoy this time now. Play music if Bill likes it. Dig up an old TV show he might like on the
computer. Take your rides, enjoy your meals together. Time now is the most precious of commodities. Bill knows his is running out
and every moment he can spend with you is more comfort to him and worth more to him than anything money can buy. It may
be draining to you but it is sustaining to him, I am sure. Stay strong for Bill and for yourself.
Ron said…
You are so right, caring for Bill now is both rewarding and challenging. He hates for anyone to come in but when his hospice care is in, she is here to help him and me. I have to keep stressing this to him. Bill is spoiled, by me of course, but he does listen to me, after awhile. A recent friend of mine explained to me (he lost his longtime husband/partner in December, this is the price of love. It's worth it, most of the time. Sometimes it is a challenge though.
Ron said…
Bill does know his time is short, that's why he doesn't want me to go to work at my part-time job (two nights a week). Bill's likes are simple, his main thing is to sit in the sun room and take rides. He also likes to check the weather pattern on his iPad. He's not much for music and we don't eat meals together, haven't for years. It's odd but we have very little in common yet we've been together this long. Right now he enjoys the time he gets to spend with me and for now I can manage, even though caring for him takes up most of my day. I can only comment now because he's in bed now. He goest to bed early. But he also gets up early, as do I.
Thank you for your comment, very prescient.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the updates. Thinking of you and Bill.💕 Even though it’s difficult - so glad you have this time together. Love is grand. Take care, M
Elle Clancy said…
So glad you got your shot. Must feel like such a relief. My age group is still not open in Ohio but hopefully it will be soon. I thank the gods that Joe Biden got elected; I can't even imagine the hell we would be living in if not. Take care to you both and Bill!
Ur-spo said…
I too am glad you got your shot.
Good luck to Bill as always
Ron said…
I am thankful that Bill and I have this time together. So many families have lost loved ones due to COVID and didn't gave the opportunity that Bill and I have being together. That being said, this isn't easy. At 79 years old, I have my hands full taking care of myself and being a caregiver 24/7 for a 92 year old is taxing me to my limits. So far I'm managing though.
Ron said…
Yes, I am glad I received my vaccination. One less thing to worry about. I too thank God that Biden was elected. I cannot imagine our country is the criminal Trump was reelected.
Ron said…
Thank you Dr. Spo. Managing here. Taxing but managing.

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