A Profusion Of Daffodils

Daffodils, daffodils, daffodils! One can never have enough daffodils.

The first spring we were here, I was aghast at spring when I realized that we didn't have one daffodil to greet us with its dazzling yellow sunshine harbinger of spring greeting. That first fall I made amends to never let that happen again, I planted a few hundred daffodils. The next spring those few hundred daffodils looks like a drop in the buck on our almost one acre of land here in our development (we have one of the largest lots in our development of 3/4 acre lots).

Every year since then (2008) I have planted more and more daffodils. They are especially hard to plant in the fall because of all the other growth. A few years ago I started to plant in the spring. Yes, I broke that cardinal rule, "one does not plant spring bulbs in the spring." Well, I do folks because I want to know where the "holes" are.

I buy already potted daffodils in the spring, then transplant them in those "holes" or empty spots around our house and backyard. 

I plant small daffodils (tete a tetes), medium sized daffodils and large (King Alfred) daffodils. 

Then spring comes and I still see large swaths of our almost one acre lot devoid of the festive yellow happiness of a blooming daffodil. Time to visit my favorite local nursery and buy more daffodils.

This evening transplanted some daffodils that were no longer blooming because the bulbs are too crowded. These daffodils were under two holly trees. When I originally planted those daffodils the holly trees were very small, little more than a stick. Now those holly trees are a good ten feet or more tall and spread out. It was quite a challenge digging out those bulbs this evening in the light rain (best time to transplant daffodils, cool spring temperatures and light rain), but I accomplished what I set out to do.
I must have rescued about least one hundred daffodils and transplanted them. Come this spring they will burst out in a yellow profusion that always makes one smile. 

I can't help but think (and here he goes again), that when I'm long gone those daffodils will continue to bloom. That's the plant folks, my legacy. 


Anonymous said…
I like that Bill's socks matches the daffodils.
Walter said…
Beautiful Ron!
kent said…
those make me smile and good to see Bill up and around
Ron said…
Bill's yellow socks are a pure coincidence that they match our daffodils! Nice touch though.
Ron said…
Thanks! Daffodils always bring a smile to my face.
Ron said…
I am so happy that Bill is up and around. He's still very weak and can't do what he used to but thank goodness he can get around without his walker or a wheel chair. We're very lucky
Anonymous said…
I agree : you never can have too many daffodils !
Though I do not see the pheasant eyes , they are my favorite .
But maybe they are harder to find .
Good to see Bill outside without his walker , very lucky indeed .
Happy Easter to both of you coming weekend .

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