Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Connecting With Friends During Coronavirus Pandemic

During this science fiction movie come to life, how to we stay connected with friends? 

Thank God for FaceTime!

Last night I talked to two of my best friends, Pat (who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) and Don who lives in Philadelphia. 

In normal times Pat and I visit Don in Philadelphia twice a year. Our next visit was due the end of May. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic that has most of the world staying home and avoiding social in person contact, I doubt that our May visit will occur. I hope we can make our November visit, that was the one where I plan to celebrate the defeat of Trump. However, that visit may not happen either. We may not even be alive then. And I'm not joking, we literally may not be alive.  

Last night for the first time I was able to figure out how to do a multiple FaceTime on my iMac. Before yesterday I was only able to do a three-way on my iPhone. Now I can do it on the big screen.  I talk to Pat several times daily on FaceTime but this is the first time I could talk to Pat and Don at the same time. 

At this time of our lives friends are even more important than ever. While we may not be able to be with the in person, we can still stay in touch by FaceTime. We can still tell our war stories (which we old guys tend to do, no kidding), joke with each other and take our minds off of these terrible times, if only for a short time.

Stay safe out there folks!


Nan said...

I face time with my daughter in San Francisco and almost 6 year old granddaughter everyday- I downloaded Zoom but have yet to use it. Today I'm having a phone appointment with my doctor- This will be a first for me. Its just a routine appointment but I need my BP meds! Of course, no blood work has been done so no review there. I'm glad you and Bill are doing OK- this certainly is no fun.

Hot guys said...

It really is important to stay connected with our loved ones and communicate. Just because we can't be together in real life, we can use technology to our advantage. I'm also glad to hear you two are good.

Ron said...

Isn't FaceTime a wonderful way to communicate? I don't know how I could handle this time of stress without being able to FaceTime my friends. I'm fortunate that I use the VA for my meds, which like you I need. I can order refills by phone and they're delivered promptly. You're right, this is no fun. My concern is that this situation if going to get much worse. We could go into fall still restricted to our homes. I just can't imagine what individuals and families can do who depend on their jobs to buy food and pay the rent and mortgage. Talking to my friend Lar on FaceTime thins morning we were trying to imagine if this pandemic happened in the Fifties when we were growing up, just unthinkable. Stay safe.

Ron said...

Thanks Hot Guys!