Monday, March 30, 2020

Do I Have The Coronavirus?

This morning I woke up with my usual congestion in my chest. I've had this respiratory problem for about three years now. 

All my life I've had a runny nose. I always had to have tissues available to wipe my nose. However, about three years ago my nasal drip shifted and went to back of my throat. That left me with a condition of mucus building up in my throat that I have to constantly clear during my waking hours. 

Last year I went to an ear nose and throat specialist. She examined me (shoved a device right up through my nose to my throat she did) and gave me a diagnosis and a prescription to help break up my daily accumulation of mucus. I now had a new normal. 

Anyone around me knows that I am constantly clearing my throat during the day.  A condition which I found annoying in others before I had this condition. Now that I am there, I am more tolerant.

Now with the threat of the coronavirus I am extra sensitive to any symptoms I have which mirror the symptoms of the virus. 

For years I've had a shortness of breath. Now I suspect my shortness of breath may be the onslaught of the virus. My chest feels tight. Maybe my chest felt tight before the coronavirus pandemic changed life as we know it. 

I don't have a fever, or at least I don't think I have. I did order one of those digital thermometers that track nationwide. When I get it I will check my temperature. 

Some of the other symptoms of the virus is body aches. Heck, I have body aches all the time. 

I hear another symptom is loss of taste and smell. No problem there, my taste and smell are working just fine. Which reminds me, I have to clean out our pantry closet, occasionally I get a whiff of a musty "dead mouse" smell when I open our pantry door.  Last time I smelled that odor was when I found a dead bat in the trash can in our spare bedroom when we lived in Pennsylvania. Apparently the bat got in the waste can and couldn't get out. 

Coronavirus tests are available here where I live in southern Delaware. But there are multiple hoops one has to jump through to get a test. First, you have to show sever symptoms. Then get a doctor's note to "qualify" you for a test. Even, then you're not guaranteed a test. This is so screwed up. 


Since they're not, because Trump eliminated the pandemic office, we're flying blind as to how many people have the virus. No, I'm not going on a Trump rant here although I am very tempted to.

I asked Bill if he would take a test if one was available. He said he wouldn't.  He says "I'm ready to go if it's my time."  Thankfully he's not showing any symptoms.  I'm probably not showing any symptoms either, this is just my imagination running wild. But to say I'm not worried would be accurate. 

I might be watching too much of the TV coverage of this pandemic. I turn the TV off but then I turn it back on. The only time I mute the TV or turn it off is during Trump's daily briefings. Trump I gain no information from those briefings. I watch and listen to New York Governor Cuomo's daily briefings though. Governor Cuomo's briefings are helpful. 

The only thing I want to know at these briefings is the truth. I don't want to listen to a whiney, insecure, sociopathic, heartless con man. 

I am so thankful for those in the medical profession who are putting their safety on the line to care for those who are sick with this virus. 

I am thankful for those who continue to work in the supermarkets, also putting their safety on the line, to make sure the rest of us can still get food.

And I am also thankful to those like my neighbor who called last week and offered to shop for me and Bill, so we don't have to leave our house. I thanked her but told her I can still manage. That is as long as I am well. I guess my main worry is what if I get sick and end up in the hospital and worse, die?  There is no one here to care for Bill.  If I lived alone I would be as concerned although I would like to live longer. I'm ready to go, my only wish is that my death wouldn't be too painful or prolonged. But I definitely don't want to die before Bill. I cannot leave him alone. That is my fear.


Hot guys said...

Oh wow, your story is heartbreaking, seriously. I'm sure you'll live, and so will Bill. Everyone's scared but, not all of us will get affected. Just be as careful as possible.

"Tommy" said...


Please let someone shop for y'all.... then sanitize when the groceries come in the house. There is a you tube video on how to clean your groceries... Stay Home Please I want to read your blog and have Bill there for years to come.


VRC-Do You! said...

Please do home delivery, and as suggested, wipe down your groceries when you arrive home....I have included a link below to assist you in your efforts...Take care of YOU and take care of Bill...Monitor your symptoms...If the fevers, chills, tightness of chest increases and is prolonged...Please seek medical advice...Be safe honey but don't let your mind play tricks on you...Turn of the TV/Radio...Get outside...Do more of your home projects...Don't let me have to fly out there!!!

Practical Parsimony said...

I have head congestion that can cause me to cough and chest tightness, too. I can understand your self-examination of symptoms. Hopefully, all will be well with you and Bill.

VRC-Do You! said...

PS---I have a suggestion for a community project. Why not call your local grocery stores and ask them if they would offer free grocery delivery for those 65 or older. If not how about a GoFund Me Page? Tell your story as an impetus. I am sure your community has a higher portion of retirees. Just spit-balling here.

Ron said...

Hot Guys,
Being careful here as I can be. Probably watching too much TV. No wonder I'm scared.

Ron said...

Thank you for your advice but I'll continue to shop for our groceries, I just won't go out as much. We used to go out almost every day. I'm trying to cut that down to once a week.

Ron said...

I got outside this morning and felt a lot better. I'm going to go out again after I respond to these comments. Nice sunny, windy day. I'm going to turn around this time off to positive action. Watching less TV too.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony (Linda),
I got outside this morning, first day in a while it hasn't rained. The sun and wind has helped by disposition. I don't feel sick now. I remember a friend of mine during the pre AIDS days. He heard the lymph glands were an indication of having the AIDS symptoms. His left underarm felt sore. He checked it out and turned out he had an ingrown hair in his armpit. Just goes to show that sometimes we over exaggerate every "sympton."

Practical Parsimony said...

It is so easy and natural to do. Glad you feel better. It will help the isolation and missing work.

Ron said...

My favorite wholesale shopping store is now offering free delivery. I filled out an order yesterday. We'll see how that works.

Ur-spo said...

Those are legitimate fears; good luck to both of you
I am having my usual seasonal allergies developing; happily I know them well enough to know these are allergies.

Ron said...

I also have allergies. I normally have a hacking cough but now, after probably listening to too much TV, I'm half convinced that my cough is the precursor of something more serious. I hear that you lose your sense of smell and taste. That hasn't happened to me. So many all this is in my head. I hope so.