Thursday, December 12, 2019

Intense Dreams

Lately I've been having rather intense dreams. If the past is prologue, then this means something momentous is about to happen in my life. 

Sometimes this has been personal and sometimes something momentous happens that isn't personal to me. Right now I'm listening and watching TV the House Judiciary debating the articles of impeachment of our criminal president Trump. Trump has been getting away with disregarding the law his whole life, finally he is being held accountable. The Senate probably won't convict him, they're a bunch of cowards who put their own needs above their oath to the Constitution to protect our country from a would be tyrant like Trump. I'm sick about how cowardly and unpatriotic they are.  I'm also sick about how many Americans are fooled by the greatest con man in the history of our country and perhaps the world. That is one distinction that Trump can truly claim, he is the best con man ever. Look at how many people he has fooled by his politics of grievance.  Trump cheated to win the 2016 election but he won't get away with cheating again. His lifetime crime wave is about to come to an end.  He will be held accountable. If not, then that is probably why I am having these intense dreams.

The other reason I could be having these dreams because of the health of my youngest brother, who I haven't heard from in several months. I've tried to contact him but no response. 

I'm also concerned about Bill. His health is fine for a 91 year old but he's losing some of his cognitive abilities. I saw this happen to my longtime friend Bob Mc. I saw his slow decline and eventual passing. I don't want to even contemplate that about Bill. I can't imagine my life without Bill, who has always been there/here for me. Always. 

Very few people are able to put up with me. Bill is one of them. Even though we have many differences we are/were a good match. We're a good team. Some have tried to break us up. Ironically they're all gone now (dead) and Bill and I are still here. 

Most people at this time of their life are lucky to have one good friend. I have three. Bill, Pat and Larry. I have other friends and many acquaintances but only three good friends who know me and accept me as I am. I might have had more good friends but when they see that side of me that they don't like, they went. And I probably can't blame them. But Bill, Pat and Larry are still here. That is what I call the definition of a true friend. 

I'll probably have another intense dream tonight like I had this afternoon during my pre work nap. Interestingly I can't remember what the dream was about, only the intensity of the dream. I hope what is causing my dreams is the eventual removal of that corruption who sits in the White House every day spewing out hate to everyone who doesn't bow to his insatiable demand for attention and fealty and to enable him to continue his destruction of our institutions and democracy and way of life. 

Someday I might face life alone again.  I remember the last time I face life alone, after I got out of the Army in 1963.  I was alone, in a small cheaply furnish apartment ($65) a month, trying to establish myself in my civilian life.  I just wanted to meet someone, my Prince Charming. I did after a year and a half. His name was Bill and we've been together ever since. 

I hope that my dreams are a portend of the end of our great national nightmare, Trumpism and the forces of hate and evil Trump and his minions have unleashed. Just imagine folks, a country where we are proud of our president on the international stage.  A country where we have a president who doesn't stoke hate of those divisions in our country that has always been there. A president who can bring us back together again. 

That's the dream I want to dream about.


Practical Parsimony said...

I, too, hope you have that dream. We are all living nightmare right now.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
The House Judiciary Committee just voted to move the articles of impeachment for vote to the whole House. We're getting there finally holding Trump accountable for his abuse of power.

VRC-Do You! said...

Ron...You know you...Whatever happens in life you will move through it...We are in your corner...Please don't worry about things that have NOT happened yet...Just be prepared to deal with them when they DO happen...You have life skills...Yes, the articles of impeachment have passed the committees to a full House vote next week...As well, I am amazed at all the back and forth to get the articles moved to a vote...I watched a little here and there but when the Republicans' turn to speak, I had to turn down the volume on the television...I guess these folks were on a different planet and came back to earth and were clueless...I was amazed, but not surprised, at the postering...When they got personal-Biden drug charges-to me that was despicable...I loved the back-handed retort...Boiling down all the FACTS-forget about process-it is clear what the President has done...This should not be tolerated by this president and others to come...Republican or Democrat...The President should be removed from office...Our Democracy/Country is at stake...Wishing you a peaceful mind...XXOO

Anonymous said...

Do you boomers realize how universally hated you are? There is not one single demographic that does not hate you- white people, black people, asians, mexicans, indians, chinese, millennials, GenX, GenZ. Something tells me that you boomers are not going to have a very comfortable or easy retirement, especially once you end up in the retirement homes.

Can you baby boomers hurry up and fucking drop dead? Enjoy your retirement homes cause we younger people will not take care of you even if we wanted to, due to the shitty economy you boomers created. Do you boomers realize that the younger generation is simply waiting for you to fucking drop dead?

You are all going to end up in retirement homes and we all know that the elderly gets treated pretty badly in retirement homes. Well, that's what you get for ruining your own children's lives. Even if your children WANTED to take care of you, they couldn't, due to you boomers destroying the economy. So I hope you enjoy the retirement homes, boomer scum!

Anonymous said...

Forthe POTUS to tweet about a child, who is "Time" Magazine's Person of The Year, for Climate Awareness, that she needs to take a course in Anger Management is really sad!

And mothers are silent about this!

Ur-spo said...

Sleep well. Avoid curried snacks.

Ron said...

I do snacks but no curried snacks. I like curry though.

Ron said...

Trump is jealous of Greta Thurnberg. He wants all the attention.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!,
Thank you for your always welcome and encouraging comments. I'm getting closer to completing my Life Journey every day. and what a journey it's been. I'm slowing down but still in the game. Other than my aches and pains this is the best time of my life.

Ron said...

To the Anonymous blogger who continues to troll my blog. I'm posting your troll posts because I feel sorry for you. You are a lonely person and apparently need attention. I hope my posting your comment gives you some relief from your agony.