Friday, December 27, 2019

How Did Bill Do On My Week In Philly?

Bill in our garage where he waits for me to return from my trips

One of my favorite blogger commenters brought to my attention that I didn't mention how did Bill do during my recent week in Philly?

My first night in Philly, I got a call from our neighbor who told me Bill contacted him and said our house thermostat wasn't working.  He said I would have to call the service company to fix the thermostat.  I got that call just as I returned from our restaurant outing. It was about eleven o'clock at night.  I didn't want to call the service company at that time of night.  I was convinced that Bill had accidentally cut a wire while he was working on his doorbell project.

Bill couldn't call me because he can't figure out how to use his iPhone since his cognitive functions have declines and his sight being affected by macular degeneration. Thank goodness for our neighbor Bob, who already has his hands full taking care of his wife who has COPD.  

I asked Bob to check to see what was exactly wrong with the thermostat.  He said "the light wasn't on" which meant that no power was going to it.  He suggested that Bill turn on our fire place for heat for the night. I was going to call our service company in the morning. 

Next morning I received an e-mail from Bill stating "Good news", the light was on and the thermostat was working.  Thank goodness, what a relief!  I'm glad I waited. 

I tried to contact Bill but couldn't get through to him.  I had sent him an e-mail asking him if he accidentally cut the power  supply to the thermostat. I heard nothing. Uh oh, he's mad at me.  

Always when I'm away on one of my quarterly forays with Pat, I e-mail Bill daily. I didn't hear anything from him for the rest of my stay. I called him on his iPhone, no answer. I continued to send him e-mails daily, as I have during my past trips, as if nothing had happened and he was mad at me. I thought "I'll take care of his mad when I get home."  

When I got home (which is another whole story which I will write about in a future blog posting) I was expecting an angry Bill. He met me at the open garage door with a big smile. He wasn't angry at all. In fact he was glad to see me as he always is.  I asked him why he didn't e-mail me. He said his iPad wasn't working. He lives on that iPad.  I think the problem is partly the iPad is old and the battery is wearing out and he's more confused now using the iPad.  Also, his failing eyesight is part of the problem. But he did say he was glad to see me. What a relief because I don't want to upset Bill. He wants me to get away and have my quarterly holidays with Pat. He likes Pat, they also e-mail each other frequently. Bill knows that I enjoy these trips and like Pat's company. Bill love is true because he wants me to be happy. He's always said that as I have of him.  I would never be with anybody who is crazy jealous. My father was like that with my Mother. She was never allowed to have any friends.  My father was even jealous of her closeness with her sons, that's another whole story.  I grew up with that fact and vowed I would never be in a relationship like that. My very first relationship was with a nice guy named Jim Groh. We both liked each other very much but he was very possessive. That doesn't work with me and I ended that relationship. 

I ordered Bill a new iPad today from the Apple store. I hope that solves his difficulty in staying in touch with me.  My next trip (to Palm Springs) comes up in a short six weeks.

By the way, when I returned home I found out what happened with the thermostat. It was the fuse box insert that failed. Bill discovered that.  I wouldn't have know that.  So there I was blaming Bill for cutting a wire and here the power failure was a simple fuse box problem. So there was a little lesson for me, don't be too quick to blame Bill for any problem around the house.

There may come a time in the future when I can't leave Bill alone when I go away on my trips. But for now our neighbor Bob M. is keeping a watchful eye on Bill. Thank goodness for good neighbors like Bob!  


Practical Parsimony said...

I'm glad he got it all sorted out before you returned so he shows how competent he really is. Possessiveness does not set well with me either.

VRC-Do You! said...

I am so glad that things worked out with Bill. I am happy to hear that you have a back-up-Bob-to look after Bill. It just gives one peace of mind. We know that Bill is not as spry as he once was but he is still our Bill. I have worked with older folks and it is a must for many they remain independent as long as possible. And when the situation gets bad they want to remain in their homes as long it is safe and they have the means to do so. It might be time for Bill to get one of those phones-sorry it may be a flipper-that has those big buttons/numbers so that he can call you, someone, when needed or you can program the current phone where all he has to do is press a number to get ahold of you, neighbors, 911. I am so happy, envious, that you and Bill have defined the relationship that works best for YOU.

Envious because here I am at 62 and have only been in one relationship-less than 3 years in my early 30's. Long story but it was not right for me. When I broke up with him our mutual friends were so happy that I pulled the plug. I was shocked and disappointed. Disappointed that they did not question or inquire respectfully about our relationship. I have always wanted TRUE friends that would call me out on not living up to my potential. I don't want friends to watch me crash and burn. I am a mess at my age. I can't compare myself to you BUT I am proud of what you have accomplished in your life. Yes, your readers know all your business and we are stronger for it.

I have rattled on long enough. Wishing you and Bill a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Jon said...

I wondered how Bill was doing while you were away. I'm glad you updated us with this post. It's also really good that you have a neighbor you can count on.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
Bill is doing remarkably well, especially for his age. Sometimes I don't give him enough credit. His biggest problem now is his sight followed by his hearing. He just might outlive me but he hopes that doesn't happen. We're at that time of our life that these things concern us. Not to be too much about myself but Bill would be lost without me, not only in running the household but a reason for living. I can still run the household if I'm alone but I'm not so sure I would have much reason for living.

Ron said...

Bob and Barbara a super neighbors. Probably poetic justice that they're Trumpers and Barb knows I'm not. Bob doesn't get into the politics except that picture of a toilet seat he has in his garage with Hillary on the wrong end. Bill and I are very lucky to have them for neighbors.

Ur-spo said...

Indeed lucky to have such neighbors to check on Mr. Bill.