Wednesday, December 11, 2019

First Snow 2019

View of our backyard from our deck early this morning - first snow of 2019

This morning I rolled out of my flannel sheeted warmed bed and pulled aside the curtain to the window next to my bed and viewed my back yard as I do every morning. What did I see? a blanket of white snow! Oh no! 

I debated whether or not to drive to my 8:15 AM barber appointment. Hmmm, I think not.  Not only did I not want to muck up my car with snow and slush but I don't want to take any chance that I would fall. Just yesterday I fell again. This time I fell from a small step ladder while I was putting up a string of Christmas lights outside. I lost my footing on the ladder and fell backwards, hitting my head on a small crepe myrtle tree.  Bang! No concussion I guess, I'm still here. With my arthritis I just don't have the agility that I had when I was younger. I especially don't have that agility when walking on snow and ice.  

I called my barber and told her that I had to cancel my appointment today. It was just as well because she hadn't even left her home, I was her first appointment. She said she didn't have to rush now. I asked for an appointment tomorrow morning. She said she would call me.

Every winter I worry about the snow and if it's going to interfere with my travel plans.  Next Wednesday Clarence my ride is scheduled to drive me to Philadelphia. It's always a roll of the dice weather wise. At least I don't have to catch a plane so I have that flexibility. Christmas Eve I return home from Philadelphia. I still don't have my ride confirmed. If I don't have a ride by then I can always take Lyft. Done that before, more expensive but still gets me home. I have to work at the hotel Christmas Eve.  

One thing about living her in southern Delaware is that we rarely get snow and when we do get it, it doesn't last long. Unlike our former home in Pennsylvania.  If we had a heavy snow in November the snow would be on the ground right through April.  The thirteen years that we've lived here in coastal Delaware, the longest we've had snow on the ground was about a week.  Just another reason I moved to Delaware. But one thing about living in Philadelphia, which we did for about twenty-five years, I always could get to the airport, snow or no snow. Miss that.


VRC-Do You! said...

Listen...We can't have you losing your balance and breaking a hip...Just say when and I will pass around the signup sheet and we will all take our turn in showing up at the house for a day to do what is needed to keep you and Bill settled...We have to treat our mature gays like royalty...They are our history...Off-topic...I was reading on one of my blogs soliciting what would older gays teach the younger gays...All kinds of good answers...One that I like is Gay History...And lot of younger folks don't know the battle that has been fought to allow them to come out loud and proud in their teens...Life in a society where, for the most part, people being gay is just the way it is...What I am not saying is that we have arrived...We have a ways to go...Our trans brothers and sisters...I was listing to the interview with Elisabeth Smart's father coming out...What a painful interview...Wish him peace and happiness...Well, you stay upright...Enjoy your trip...

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!,
You're so right, I HAVE to be more careful when I'm climbing ladders and just regular activity. God, I do not want to break my hip. Then I really am out. When I tore my quadricep Bill was able to drive me around. He can't do that now. I probably would have to go to a rehab facility which I never would do. Who would take care of Bill? Bill needs my care.

Your comments about Gay History triggers a lot in my memory. I'll have to write a book someday.

wcs said...

Glad you're ok. Good call to cancel the appointment. And that photo is gorgeous!

Ron said...

The snow was gone this morning. As usual when it snows down here in southern Delaware it usually only lasts one day, thank goodness. I got my haircut this morning.