Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve 2019

Just back this morning from a fabulous week in Philadelphia!  At work (hotel) now. I am exhausted. 

What a wonderful week we had in Philadelphia. Although it was colder than I had expected (I was warned), we still managed to traipse those historic Philadelphia streets to explore some new venues (which I will write about later in more detail).

For this year's winter holiday in Philadelphia Pat rented a car for our day trip to Hershey, PA.  Yep, we went to Chocolate Street.  

Pat wanted to visit the antique car museum. On the way from Philly to Hershey I made two pit stops. The first at the Brickside Grill in Eagleview, PA, nearby where I used to work at the Hampton Inn hotel. I love that restaurant. We weren't disappointed. 

I had hoped to meet my former boss and executor of estate but my notice was too short.  I'll try to give him more notice my next trip.   I also stopped at my brother's home for a short visit and to give him his old high school photos which got swept up in my taking of all of my Mother's old photos when we moved her to my other brother's home in South Carolina.

By the time we got to Hershey (4 PM) we only had an hour to visit the museum. But that was enough time before it closed at 5 PM. No crowds.

It was too late to return to Philadelphia, neither one of us likes to drive in the dark, so we checked into a nearby Hampton Inn.  A very nice place to relax.  We decided to drive into downtown Hershey to get something to eat. We drove by the famed Hershey Park, sparkling with multi-colored Christmas lights. Very inviting. But way too cold to imbibe.

After a relaxing night at our sumptuous and very comfortable room at the Hampton Inn, we departed early to get Pat's rental car back by 11:26 AM, lest he be charged an extra day's rental. Wouldn't you know it, just when you're in a hurry our GPS took us the wrong way back.  We were stuck on a country road in farm country behind TWO liquid fertilizer trucks.  Can you believe it?  We couldn't either. After many miles Pat was finally able to pass one truck, then another.  Looking in our rearview morrow we saw at least thirty cars behind us, stuck in the Cow Poop Caravan.

We got back in time to avoid an extra day's charge on the car.

The rest of our stay in Philly was me helping my friend Don buy his new iPhone X Pro.  I also spent time helping him with his iMac questions.

This trip in Philly I wanted to try some new restaurants. We really hit the ball out of the park by going to Ralph's Italian Restaurant in South Philly.  All the years I lived in Philly, I've never been to an authentic South Philly Italian restaurant. Well, I choose the best this time. Ralph's is the oldest Italian restaurant IN THE COUNTRY.  And the food and service is great!
Frank Sinatra and many others have frequented this restaurant over the years. Tony Bennett too!

All too soon our six day stay in Philly was over and I had to return to my hotel job her in Lewes, DE. I am at the hotel now, typing this blog. 

Sorry I didn't have a chance to write during my stay in Philly, just didn't have the time. Too many things going on. Restaurants, open houses (condos), visiting friends, computer instructions for Don, and just walking around downtown Philly. Both Pat and I LOVE Philly. Too expensive for me to live there just like it's too expensive to live in Palm Springs but at least I can go back for visits twice a year which isn't bad. 

Next up Palm Springs in February 2020!

Merry Christmas everyone on this Christmas Eve!


VRC-Do You! said...

Yes, you were warned that it would be cold in Philly. Dear, I even gave you the week's forecast. I am so glad that you had a great time. Great to get away from it all. It's nice to upset one's routine once in a while. I have always loved Philly. Italian food is my number one food choice. Good Italian is the operative word. You mentioned an open house (condo), is Pat thinking about selling his place? I didn't see a mention of Bill in your post. How did he fare in your absence?

Wishing you and Bill a Merry Christmas and the BEST of 2020.


Jon said...

I'm still laughing at the Cow Poop Caravan, but I'm glad you got the car back in time. Your trip to Philly sounded like fun. Have a peaceful Christmas, Ron, with good wishes and warm memories.

Elle Clancy said...

Merry Christmas! Hope your day is a good one. And post pictures of your Philly trip! I lived/worked there many, many moons ago. Saw an online article recently about Nan Duskin's. I'm sure you don't know it but used to be a beautiful women's dress shop on Walnut. When I worked in the city, I used to walk there on my lunch break, and stand and look in the windows at the displays. Your blog brings back so many memories. I don't comment often but read all the time.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - nice summary of our trip. You got everything. Tho it started out quite chilly it warmed up nicely as the week went on. The Light Sculpture I purchased from Bulb is beautiful and sits beneath my Jackie Kennedy picture. Hope you are enjoying your days off - when they come!


Ron said...

VRC-Do You!,
Yes indeed I was warned by you of the cold snap in Philly. Still I didn't dress warmly enough. I should have taken my hoodies (I have four of them!) and a warmer coat (I also have too many of them too). I love my routine at this time of my life where I get together with Pat quarterly. Twice to Philly, once in Canada and once in California. I love the adventure of something different and time with Pat (who is a wonderful companion) and I love coming home and having a new appreciation of all that Bill and I have here at our comfortable home in southern Delaware.
I've always loved Italian food but I had never eaten at a South Philadelphia Italian restaurant. Now I have and it was wonderful! Ralph's Italian restaurant is now on our To Do list of every time we visit Philly.
Bill fared well in my absence. I will write about that later. We have a great neighbor who looks in on him every day. Bill would prefer to be alone but I don't want to take a chance that something will happen to him. Three years ago it was a close all when Bill collapsed with a stomach hemmorage. It was so lucky I was here. I can't imagine what would have happened if I was at work and came home and find the worst happened, that Bill bled to death. Life, always a roll of the dice.
Thank you for your good wishes for the new year, I wish you the same. I always appreciate your comments.

Ron said...

Unbelievable, that Cow Poop Caravan. Something that would probably happen to you! We did get our rental car back in time, just. We always have a good time in Philadelphia, and that is because of Pat. I love seeing Philly through his eyes.
Have a very happy and peaceful New Year Jon. Always appreciate your friendship and reading your blog.

Ron said...

Elle Clancey,
Yes! I remember Nan Duskins store! I used to walk by that store all the time walking to and from work from our center city home. Center city Philadelphia has changed a lot but you would be disappointed in Chestnut Street. Classy stores like Nan Duskins are long gone, replaced with drugstore and other down class stores. I used to work at Girard Bank on the corner of Broad and Chestnut Streets, of which each corner had a bank. All those banks are gone as are the big, grand movie theaters like the Midtown, Boyd, and others. Many of the Nan Duskin type stores are on Walnut Street now. Whhops, I just saw where you said Nan Duskins was on Walnut Street. I didn't see it there. If you get a chance you should visit Philadelphia at least one more time. It is so lively but, sweets teaming with people unlike in the past when the streets were almost empty in the evening and on the weekends when the army of office workers left. Those office workers aren't there any more because of automation (computers). Lots of people live in Center City and it is very alive. Like a real city.
Thanks for your kind comment on reading my blog. I don't expect everyone to leave a comment. In fact, I don't know how hard it is to leave a comment. I have a filter on to keep out the trolls.
Have a happy and healthy and peaceful new year!

Ron said...

Thanks again for another wonder week of adventure and giving me the opportunity to see the wonderful city of Philadelphia, my home for many years, through your eyes. I have a new appreciation of Philadelphia, which I never had before when I lived there. Looking forward to our spring visit next year!