Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Slideshow of 2019 Annual Trip to Canada

Here it is folks! The slideshow you all have been waiting for, my annual trip to Canada to visit my friend Pat and his friends. 

I think this is my fifth annual trip.  I always go at the end of summer. 

My first two trips were to Pat's former home in Toronto. 

These last three trips are to Pat's new home in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Pat lives in a classic historic hotel that is being converted into luxury condominiums. 

I fly into Buffalo, New York (once I flew into Pierson International in Toronto, NEVER AGAIN) where Pat picks me up. First we stop at Wegmans (oh how I miss Wegmans) for lunch.

Then we go over the border into Canada. 

When we arrived in Hamilton we attended a condo warming of Pat's friends Verna and Sharon, who had just purchased a penthouse condo right above Pat's junior penthouse condo. 

The rest of the week during my visit was very productive.  We visited "Harold, the Dancing Man" who was in the hospital after surgery. Harold is a very nice man.  I was privileged to meet him. Hard to believe he is 87 years old and does all that dancing. Perhaps you saw my movie "Hamilton Dancing Guy" that I produced of a compilation of videos that Pat surreptitiously took of Harold dancing last summer. Unfortunately I didn't get to see Harold dancing in person this time.

Pat and I also visited Pat's favorite restaurants, vegan and carnivore. 

We also witnessed a gigantic tanker arrive at the fabled Hamilton steel mills.  Pat always wanted to see the "drawbridge" on the canal raise.  We saw it.  Very impressive.

Too soon my Canadian holiday was over and Pat drove me over the Canadian border back to the US via Buffalo.  Again we stopped in Wegmans for lunch and I was on my way home. 

Next up I meet Pat in Philadelphia for our annual Christmas stay at my friend Don's co-op in center city Philly. Then in only two short months Pat and I will take off to balmy Palm Springs, California in February.  

My one regret of this trip is that I didn't get to see Harold, The Dancing Guy in Hamilton, dance in person. He is the gentleman Pat and I visited in the hospital. He was recovering from surgery and wasn't able to do any dancing this trip. However, we did meet several of his friends who he has inspired by his free hearted dancing. Harold is truly an amazing guy, hard to believe he is 87 years old! I hope to see him dance in person next year when I visit. Below is an example of his dancing prowess. Enjoy as Harold enjoys life and as I try to every day.


VRC-Do You! said...

Thanks for the video...You have it mastered...Love the background music....Glad you had a nice time...

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
Wasn't easy making this video, Apple changed its procedure. So easy before, now a little more difficult. I had to call Apple support. Glad you liked the video. I always have a great time during my trips with Pat.

pat888 said...

Wow, Ron - loved your videos. Perhaps the folks won't know that some of the buildings earlier in the video were of Buffalo - but that doesn't matter. And that last video of Harold is TERRRIIFFFFIIIIICCCC!!! You must get a copy of that to him.

Thanks again Ron for putting these videos together - so enjoyable!


Ron said...

glad you liked the videos Pat!

Ur-spo said...

you do a fine job with the media.