Sunday, September 08, 2019

Humpty Dumpty Falls Again

None of my quarterly adventures with Pat is complete without a fall.  

During my recent stay in Canada with my Canadian Travel Buddy Pat, I had a couple close calls but didn't actually fall until we visited a bar with a live band.

Pat took me to Port Dover, Ontario to visit his friends Paul and Deb and their new house (which was lovely).  After having dinner at Paul and Deb's we topped off the night by visiting a local bar with a live band.  The place was the Norfolk Tavern and the band was the Jack Sith band.  

The band was great! 

I had a ringside seat to listen and videotape the band and the dancing. I even danced later (a video of which I will post in a future blog post).  

While videotaping Pat and Deb dancing, I attempted to stand up to get a better view of Pat and Deb which was being obscured by a blonde dancing in front of them. As I stood up I lost my balance and fell backwards into the crowd behind me.  You can see my tall chair hit the floor. I almost hit the floor but was saved from injury by a shaved head burly man who placed his hands under my shoulder blades and lifted me back up.  You can hear me yelp.  SO EMBARRASSING!  

Thank goodness he caught me just before I hit the floor. Of course my iPhone was running the whole time and captured the sounds of my humiliation if not the video.  It's a shame someone didn't video me falling, that would have been a You Tube "moment" for sure.

I continued to video tape Pat and Deb dancing and stayed in my seat, still so embarrassed.  

Thank goodness I didn't injure myself and thank goodness that man's quick thinking. I was lucky this time. 

I have to admit that it is funny listening to this video though even though at the time it wasn't so funny. 

More adventures coming.


VRC-Do You! said...

As wild as you and Pat are, I believe your faithful readers will assign a chaperone to you when you travel out of state. We want you to be around till your 108 so you can bug the hell out of people. I feel for you. Just remember you are not 50 anymore and one must be careful.

wcs said...

Glad it wasn't more serious. Be careful out there!

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!,
I keep forgetting I'm pushing 78 years old! I just don't have the agility I used to have when I was a young man, limber and arthritis free. Arthritis has stiffened my body. I have to be more careful.

Ron said...

I'm glad too my fall wasn't more serious. I'm not anxious to test my medical coverage in Canada.