Thursday, May 23, 2019

Things Around Our House

We have a lot of "things" around our house. My friend Pat, who is a minimalist, has advised me to get rid of them.  He says "you don't need them."  I understand his reasoning but some things I just can't "get rid of."  I do "need them" because they give me comfort.

One such item was the Pierrot clown vase pictured in this blog.  

A couple of weeks ago I came home and found my Pierrot clown vase with the leg broken off.  Apparently Bill accidentally broke the vase when he was closing the curtains in my bedroom. Bill's pretty rough with things.  He attempted to glue the leg back on but it was in the wrong place.  I was heart broken.  I didn't realize how much I loved that clown vase until I realized I might have to throw it away because his leg was broken.

I brought that Pierrot clown vase in 1980 with the little bit of money I had left over from the sale of our house in Philadelphia.  In fact I brought a whole series of Pierrot figurines. Bookends, tissue holder, and picture frame holder. I have all of them in my bedroom which is my sanctuary.  I also have other clown images in my bedroom.  A few years back Someone, Dr. Spo's better half visited my bedroom and was creeped out with all my clown stuff. He's one of those who hates clowns. Other than John Wayne Gacy and Emmett Kelly, I love my clown images whether they be paintings or ceramics.  They give me a great sense of comfort.  

So what to do with my damaged Pierrot clown vase?  I couldn't sleep that night. I called Pat to express my loss.  Didn't get much sympathy from that quarter.  Then I had a brainstorm. Maybe someone was selling the very same Pierrot clown vase on EBay.  I checked and they were!  Viola!

I put my bid on it and here it is, featured on this blog.  

I'm not posting the picture of my damaged Pierrot clown vase.  Bill glued the leg back on the vase but it's not the same. I put that vase back in it's original location, where it has been for the past thirteen years.  Even thought I got a replacement Pierrot, I still have a soft spot in my heart for my original Pierrot clown.  

Even though the clown vases look the same, upon closer inspection they are different.  The clown's face is hand painted.  Look closely and you'll see the subtle difference. Oh, I will have to show you the original Pierrot clown vase. Here it is, before his leg was broken.

My original Pierrot clown vase - look at his face, it looks older and more mature than my replacement Pierrot clown vase


Harry Hamid said...

It has a haunting quality. Both of them do, actually. I spent more time staring at those two pictures than I'm entirely comfortable admitting. "Haunting" is the best word I can find.

Jon said...

I know several people who prefer a minimalist lifestyle, like Pat, and have advised me to get rid of everything. But I am like you - - many of my possessions give me great comfort. I just can't part with things that have sentimental value.

It's amazing that you were able to find the exact clown vase on eBay. The photo of it with the flowers is really lovely.

Ur-spo said...

I am strongly opposed to limiting possessions to only things you 'need'.
There is another category: things that bring us joy.
I don't 'need' lots of things at home but to merely see or have them brings me joy.
Things that aren't needful and don't bring joy - they go.

Anonymous said...

If you want to replace that vase it is on ebay for $30.00 - I really love it - Mary Ellen

Ron said...

Harry Hamid,
That's a good way to put it, "haunting." I have the same feeling. It's interesting how two identical vases have different expressions on their face. They are hand painted though.

Ron said...

I was very surprised to find the exact vase on EBay. Well, close anyway, the face of the Pierrot clown is different. There was another vase but I didn't like the face of the clown. I have a lot of things of sentimental value. I see the value of minimalist living but I don't think I will ever go there.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Again you are so right. Things that bring us joy, we keep. Things that don't, they go. I just got rid (thrift store) of a Pierrot clown doll I purchased from EBay. I don't know why, but it creeped me out. I couldn't keep it in my house any longer. Hopefully "he will" find a happy home where he doesn't creep out his owner.

Ron said...

Mary Ellen,
I already purchased that vase on EBay. However I see where there is another one for sale. I probably would purchase it too but it has a small chip on the flower that the clown is holding in his hand. I'm a perfectionist, that would probably bother me. I'll have to let it go. Thanks for the tip anyway.