Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Beautiful Spring Days

Two days in a row of beautiful, low humidity spring days.  Wonderful!

I'm finally getting to enjoy this spring. Only one more doctor's appointment (urologist next Friday) and then we're (me and Bill) are free of doctor's appointments until the fall.  Wonderful!  We're both sick of all the doctor's appointments. 

Monday I had my dental appointment, Teeth cleaning (always painful) and X-rays.  No cavities!  Guess so, I don't have that many of my real teeth left.

A little under two weeks left until I make my annual trek to my former home and workplace, Philadelphia PA.  I'll meet Pat there on Monday, June 3rd.  I will be arriving at my friend and former co-worker's co-op guest suite rental the previous day, Sunday, June 2nd.  We'll only be in Philly for a week.  The following Saturday I'll be attending my high school 60th class reunion.  This reunion will probably be our last formal reunion.  Too many of us dying off.  I doubt if I'll be around for the 65th and definitely not for the 70th.  Long gone by then folks. 

This past week my neighbor Harvey stopped by and cleaned out the broken branches of my favorite river birch. Now I have a big gaping hole in that tree.  It will take about three years for that to fill in. Hope I'll still be around when that happens. Detect a theme here?

I haven't been updating my blog as often as I used to.  The reason is that I'm just too tired. I think my old age is finally catching up with me. I wind down right about now, 10 pm.  That's with an afternoon nap.  I haven't even made my daily journal entry for the day.  I'm slipping folks.  Fading out.  Hope not. 


wcs said...

Sorry about the tree. I know that sad feeling when a branch breaks. We're losing our big old apple tree. Huge branches have been coming down for years (I saw the wood and burn it in the wood stove in winter) and now the main trunk is splitting. I'm looking forward to reading about your Philly adventures!

Joel Reisteter said...

Yeah, that's great to hear that you and Bill don't have a doctor's appointment until autumn.
Some advice on teeth cleaning, or as I have been cleaning my teeth
in the last 10 years:

1. floss before brushing - I use a tool - a Johnson & Johnson "Reach" flossing tool and a disposable string cartridge, Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser. I disposed of the packaging for the Reach flossing tool long ago, so I can't remember what this item's name is. But mine is a long toothbrush sized purple plastic stick. I found both at Wal-Mart.
2. Actual brushing - I use a Philips Sonicare vibrating electric toothbrush (rechargeable) with a replaceable head. At Wal-Mart.
3. rinse with water.
4. Use Listerine to rinse again.
5. Done, you're finished this time.
6. The morning after breakfast and if you drink coffee with breakfast.
7. Repeat after lunch, if you want.
8. Repeat after supper or before you go to bed.

Ron said...

Joel, thanks for the advice but I think I have my teeth cleaning and flossing routine down pretty good now.

Ron said...

Of all the trees around here, that had to be the tree right outside my bedroom window. Of the three river birch trees, in that island, the one right outside my bedroom window! Oh well, those other branches will grow back, I hope. I hear apple wood makes good burning wood. Just a little over a week to go until my Philadelhia trip. I love Philly!