Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Gathering Of Old Friends

Next Saturday there will be a mighty gathering of old friends and I mean OLD.  

My former high school friend (and still friend although long distance) Stuart is flying up from his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida into Philadelphia to attend our 60th high school class reunion  (Downingtown High School, Class of 1959) next Friday night.  Pat and I will be in Philly.  I'm arriving this Sunday and Pat is coming down Monday.  We will meet Stuart at the Philly airport Friday night. The reunion is Saturday, noon, in Downingtown. We're going to pick up our other former high school classmate Larry at his home in Claymont, Delaware, only about thirteen miles from the airport. 

I was thinking today what an interesting group of friends. Or an eclectic group of friends. Stuart is Jewish, Larry is an evangelical (not the annoying kind who is always trying to "save" you), Pat is Catholic and I'm an atheist (used to claim I was agnostic but that was mainly to avoid offending anybody who asked and would feel it their obligate to "save" me from my blasphemy).  Now I just say I believe nothing happens when you die (sorry folks, those of you who Believe).  

We also have differing political views. Stuart and I see our president for the con man he is.  Larry? He always says he "won't talk politics" which to me means, well you know what that means. Pat thinks Trump is getting a raw deal but I think he sees Trump for the con he is. Pat likes the entertainment value Trump.  I have to admit Trump is entertaining, like a grotesque scene that you can't take your eyes off of. 

Larry, Stuart and me back in he day - October 1957 - 62 years ago

Two of us are gay. Two are straight. But you know act folks? We all get along great together. 

This will be the first time Stuart and Pat meet face to face.  A couple of years ago I introduced Pat to Stuart when Stuart called me on my iPhone as Pat and I were waiting in line to cross the border from Canada to the United States. I am sure they will get along together when they finally meet.

You know what folks? I know the BEST people and have the BEST friends. So looking forward to getting together next week. Photos an videos will be taken.


Ur-spo said...

you are a very fortunate person this way

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Didn't quite work out this time because one friend couldn't make it to the airport. He expected to be picked up and we didn't have time to pick him up. He refused to meet us at the airport, wanting to be picked up instead. Somethings never change. He could have easily met us at the airport for a 15.00 Uber ride or his wife or daughter could have taken him. His choice. We will probably never have an opportunity to get together again inner lifetime. HIs choice. What a shame.