Monday, April 15, 2019


Viserion the dragon

This morning at approximately 3:30 am I was awoken by a "train" roaring through our house.

Then I heard a tremendous crack of thunder. My first though was "Game of Thrones", final episode.  
Viserion was coming!

After that racket died down I went back to sleep. When I got up this morning, as is my usual practice, I looked out my back bedroom window at the oval planter with three river birch trees and this is what I saw:

Oh no!  A major branch of my river birch tree was down.  There goes my shade for the summer. We get the late afternoon hot sun during the summer and this tree was my respite from heating up my bedroom.  Oh well, thank goodness the whole tree didn't come down.

After I had breakfast I asked Bill to take a short video of me inspecting the damage. Then that's when I discovered my neighbors suffered a lot more damage that I did thus proving the point it can always be worse.  

Here are the pictures I took of that damage:

My favorite riverbirch trees. Just like Daenerys's three dragons, I have my favorite river birch trees. Now one is severely damaged but at least it's not a white walker zombie 

Bill and I took a ride around the neighborhood to see additional damage but we saw none. A few twigs down but nothing like trees uprooted like we had here in our little five house radius. Lucky us. Thank goodness no one was hurt.  


Jon said...

Wow, Ron!!! That wind was indeed a dragon! I'm so sorry that you got damage - - and it's a shame that it will affect your shade in the summer. There were strong winds here in TN yesterday, but nothing as bad as what you experienced.

Joel Reisteter said...

In 2019, this ugly old wind will cost you a pretty penny to clean up the damage it has done to your beautiful trees. Hopefully, it is covered by insurance. Luckily for you and Bill, there was no damage to your house.
In 2010, I lost a 150-year-old cherry tree due to strong winds. With some quick thinking, I was able to sell the wood and made a $300 dollar profit, stump removal was covered my insurance, no damage to my house.

Ron said...

That is my favorite tree and it was just beginning to get its leaves. A couple of years ago I lost a big branch on the tree on the other side. My poor birch trees. At least I didn't have as much damage as my neighbors.

Ron said...

Actually it won't cost me that much ($50) to have that branch removed. My neighbors had much worse damage. Lucky you making a profit on your cheery tree. Shame you had to lose it though.

wcs said...

Wow! Thank goodness the trees are far enough from the houses so they didn't fall on them. Phew!

bobc said...

Sorry to hear about the birch. They are beautiful trees. That storm was something else. The Laurel...Georgetown area also suffered damage with a tornado confirmed I guess this is the new "normal".

Ron said...

Just read your blog on Notre Dame. So sad. Heartbreaking. I"m getting that branch removed this afternoon. That was my favorite tree of the three. A couple of years ago a large branch was broken off the tree to the far right. Ironic my little damage happened on the same day as your tragedy in France. Yesterday is one of those days I will always remember where I was when I heard the news about Notre Dame.

Ron said...

I'm afraid this weather is the new "normal."

Ur-spo said...

I wasn't aware DE had tornados. Perhaps it was demonic forces rather?

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Oh yea, Delaware has tornados. We also have hurricanes earthquakes. However, we don't have those giant tornadoes like they do in the midwest. We have mini tornadoes, enough to do significant damage. Several years ago we had one that tore forty some shingles off of our roof. One thing we don't have here are forest fires. Thank goodness!