Tuesday, April 02, 2019

eBay Update

Vintage Heidi Collector's doll for sale - no takers on eBay

Monday I placed my second item up for sale on eBay. I placed the vintage Heidi collector's doll. 

Not one nibble folks. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Zero.

Initially I placed it up for an auction with a beginning .99 cent bid.  Of course I felt a little uneasy about such a low beginning bid but that's what eBay suggested as the "best way" to get a bidding war started. Alas, there was no bidding war. There was nothing. 

Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Zero.

Not wanting to be trapped into selling my valuable Heidi collector's doll for less than a dollar, which I would have been obligated to if someone bid 99 cents, I changed the starting bid to $20.  That's a fair price.

Now if I don't get a bid, one of my grand nieces or great grandnieces (I have two of them!) will soon receive a very nice gift from their Uncle Ronnie.

Next item up for sale on eBay?  One of my fifty or so vintage jeans, Levi's made in USA!

Vintage Levi jeans, circa 1965 - 32 W X 36 L - slim fit (means no longer fits my 34 inch waist)
Note:  I've changed the comment section on my blog for word verification.  I know that's a pain for those of you who want to comment but I must do so, I'm wasting way too much of my time plowing through all the Anonymous spam and trolls who are cursing me out on a regular basis. I have better things to do with my time than read their garbage.


VRC-Do You! said...

Sorry to hear about the doll. I was certain that someone would snatch it up. Jeans. I wear a 36 long and let me tell you they are hard to find. I really don't have many jeans. I have one pair. I was never a jean type guy. I have other "docker" type pants. Keep going. Before you know it you will be setting on a gold mine of cash. Best of luck.

Travel said...

It is always surprising what sells and what does not. I have done to "estate sales" in the past couple of years, clearing out dad's house, and the excess from the house in Lexington when we moved. Things I knew had value, went unsold, or sold for a pittance, and things I thought were well past their prime, drew big dollars. Such is the marketplace.

nitewrit said...


Congrats on your first success on eBay, but we can't win them all. Why are you getting all these nasty comments? I'd write more, but have been terribly sick this week. Very weak.


"Tommy" said...

Just keep writing.. and blogging... !!!

Joel Reisteter said...

You seem to be having fun selling your unwanted possessions, and making money at it. Anew adventure. You're making me jealous - I ought to start selling my unwanted possessions and try to make money at it, too.
"Happy Selling"

Ur-spo said...

This going to be fun watching what you try to sell. I suspect I will find something I want/I will let you know.

Jon said...

I'm glad you had initial success selling some items on eBay, but I can't imagine why the Heidi doll didn't sell. I used to be a HUGE eBay addict a few years ago. I bought lots of things there - until I ran out of money....

It's too bad that you had to change your blog comment settings, but I fully understand. I have been plagued by trolls and spam. The anonymity of the Internet always brings out the worst in people.

Ron said...

Thanks! I will!
Not having much luck my second sale item Joel. I'm not giving up though.
Lots of goodies here to sell. Going to be interesting to see what sells and what doesn't.
Absolutely NOTHING on the Heidi doll which surprises me. Now I'm posting my vintage jeans, nothing there either. I'm going to continue to post though. I have LOTS of stuff to sell. Can't take it with me. By the way, I don't miss the trolls and spam now that I have turn on the function to stop the robots from bothering me.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
I am a jean type guy. Been wearing them all my life. I have some Dockers but they just don't hold up. I've always felt more comfortable in jeans. I thought for sure my sale of vintage jeans would go fast. Nothing so far, which surprises me because the worn look of jeans sell for a lot more at the store.
Yes, it is surprising what sells and what doesn't. This is going to be interesting because I have a lot of items for sale, an eclectic collection for sure.
I get the nasty comments quite frequently. I heard that they usually come from some disgruntled old lady who is just trying to troll somebody to get a response, which of course is what she is getting now. I've ignored them in the past but frankly I'm getting tired of reading their nasty comments.

Karen said...

Your doll is a “ Madame Alexander” doll.. quite collectible at one point in time!