Friday, April 05, 2019

EBay Progress Report

Me posing with my biker leather jacket today to send this photo to my EBay inquiry as to whether or not my jacket is "shiny". Since I sent this I haven't heard from him. I guess it's to shiny enough for him.
Me, yes that really is, back in the day (1971) when my biker leather jacket was new and shiny

Update time folks.

Today I posted more sale items on my EBay account. So far I have no bids on my antique Heidi doll.  Looks like one of my grand nieces is going to receive a very nice gift. However, I feel sorry for the Heidi doll. Little girls tend to be very rough on dainty antique dolls, dragging the doll around by her arm until it falls off. My Mother often told me the story about how her two older brothers tore the head off of her doll.

My Mother with her favorite doll which her two older brothers (pictured) eventually tore the head off (1926)

 may just keep Heidi here at Casa Tipton-Kelly. Get a nice display case and light her up. At least get her out of that box she's been in the last forty years.

The additional items I posted on EBay today were seven pairs of my vintage (from the 70's) Levi jeans.  These are the jeans I wore during my gay bar cruising days. The waists measure 32 and 33 inches and the length 36 inches. Time and gravity has taken its toll and my waist is now 34 inches and length 34 inches. Plus the legs are too slim. I'm not a "skinny jeans" type of guy.  I put a couple up for auction and the rest I put a set price of $20, figuring that one would pay more for washed out jeans at Walmart whereas mine are authentic "washed out" jeans. Much to my surprise I'm not getting any hits on those items I put up for sale.

Lastly I put up my favorite leather vest and leather biker jacket.  The leather biker jacket I received an e-mail inquiry about the size ("pit to pit") and if the jacket is "shiny" (it is).  I sent the pit to pit measurements and endured the insult from the person inquiring that the jacket "looked dull" (it doesn't) but I haven't heard anything since.  

The auction items wills stay on for a week but if I don't get any bids I'll remove them. The other items that I posted for a set price I'll leave for a week or ten days but if no bites, I'll remove them too. I have to say I'm a little surprised and disappointed, I was expecting more of a positive response.  However, I still have more items to post.  This is all a new learning experience for me folks.  One way or another, these items will be gone.  I just thought I could make a few bucks off of what I considered my more valuable items that I've collected during my seventy-seven years on this planet.  


Joel Reisteter said...

I love that photo of you from 1971 in your leather jacket. It really could be a James Dean stunt double stand in from 1955s "Rebel Without A Cause."
I hope you get a decent amount for it.

VRC-Do You! said...

Oh my God!! You had hair. If I saw you coming I would have pulled up to you and said let's get coffee. You look cool but not hard enough to not approach. Maybe your bark is worse than your bite.

I am surprised that you have not gotten a nibble for the jean stuff. I know there are vintage clothing stores all over the place that would snap up that stuff and sell it in their stores. Maybe find a few a give them a call. Ask them to review your eBay account. When I lived in California there were several vintage stores. I really love the vintage shirts. Sorta like bowling shirts but not too. I grew up in the '60s forward. I love the period where men wore suits, hats, overcoats... Just pulled together when they stepped outdoors. Today some folks look like they just rolled out of bed or came out of the garden. Take pride in yourself. No matter what your style. Pull it together. Show that you put forth an effort.

Have a great weekend.

Ron said...

Thanks for the compliment on my 1971 photo. Whenever, I wore my leather outfit to the bars I always got attention, more so than when I went in "civilian" clothes. My leather jacket was comfortable too and kept me warm. I loved that leather jacket. I am still uncertain about giving it up but I doubt if I would ever wear it again. I got an offer of $35 for it but I turned it down. It's worth more than that.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
Yes I had hair. I have a "peninsula" now, as my friend Pat likes to call it. My Gerald McRaney hair do.
You have me pretty well figured out. I was easy to approach. But I don't have a bark, maybe a little bit of a bite though.
I did get an offer of $35 for my leather jacket, about half the price which I considered at $60 a very fair price. I turned it down. I'll leave my ad up a couple of more weeks and if nothing I'll take it down and just keep my leather jacket. I think I'm placing a good offer especially for a vintage leather jacket that's seems the "wars" of the 70's gay bar scene. Maybe no one on eBay realizes what they're missing. Shame. I got to experience those times though for which I will always have very fond memories.