Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Eve of Christmas Eve Musings

Here we are folks! Another Christmas is almost upon us.  Have you all done your Christmas shopping?  I haven't.  I don't Christmas shop anymore. Gave that up years ago when I became a distant Uncle Ronnie to my nephew and nieces.  Now I have a passel of grand nieces and nephews and even two grand grand nieces!  Imagine, if I was straight and had children I would be a great grandfather now.  

This year for the first time in more years than I can remember I won't be working Christmas Day. I'm sort of at loose ends with this quirk of the calendar.  I'm so used to working Christmas Day I'm at a loss.  I'll probably spend Christmas Day the way I spend most of my days.  Take Bill for a ride, update my eight Scrabble games I play online with Pat, and update my blog.  Maybe I'll take a walk outside through out development if the weather isn't too cold or windy.

Our government continues to be shut down, compliments of Donald Trump and the Republican controlled Congress.  The clock is ticking on the criminal Trump.  The Democrats will be in power in a little over a week and then all Hell will break loose on Trump and his lifetime of criminal activity. The revelation of Trump's criminality makes Hillary's e-mail fake controversy look quaint by comparison doesn't it? No more ranting about this subject in this posting folks.

Last night while I was in the Tipton Cinema, I experienced something very unusual, I taught out loud at a scene in a movie. I rarely laugh out loud while watching a movie. I enjoy many comedies but usually just smile contentedly, never a LOL (Laugh Out Loud).  But I did last night while watching "Game Night" with Jason Bateman.  Man did that feel good, especially in light of all the recent depressing activity.  My E*Trade account has taken a major hit because of the cratering stock market, thanks to Trump (yes, I BLAME him).  I continue to have my creeping physical ailments, arthritis being the main one. I frequently lose my balance and almost fall. I have trouble lifting my feet.  I drop things. These days what I really appreciate to alleviate these problems are my trips with Pat, playing on-line Scrabble, blogging, and watching a good movie or TV series. Thus that out loud laugh last night was the best medicine I could have asked for. Thank you Jason Bateman. Who would have ever thought you would cause me to give such a hearty laugh and give me a temporary reprieve from all my worries. 


pat888 said...

Hey Ron - a super treat when a show causes one to laugh out loud. Lots of comedy is funny but usually only gets us to smile. I sometimes laugh outloud watching Bojack Horseman. I'm pretty sure I laughed outloud as well when I saw Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle. So I've reserved Game Night at the library and will see if it works on me.


Travel said...

Ho-Ho-Ho! Stay warm and Merry Christmas to you. Laughter is sometimes the best medicine.

Ron said...

So rare for me to laugh out loud at when watching a scene on a film. It felt good!