Thursday, December 06, 2018

Still No Internet But Coming Soon

Yesterday a Comcast technician came out to check why I wasn't getting an Internet connection. He discovered that my line wasn't working. That line is buried in the ground. He hooked up a temporary line until another service technician can come out and install a new buried line. 

I still don't have an Internet connection though. That's because I have a complicated WIFI connection through my Apple external hard drives.  The computer guy who installed them is incommunicado. Even though he's a neighbor, he isn't responding to my phone calls or text messages.  I called another local company who specializes in whole house WIFI. This will probably cost more (the other guy was actually pretty expensive) but I want to finally get my whole house WIFI working throughout our whole house.  Right now I have the modem router located in a cabinet at the farthest room in the house. Wasn't planned that way, just happened. I'll have these new guys (or gals) to sort through that Medusa jumble of wires to enable me to get maximum use of WIFI in our humble abode. I miss my Bose radio speakers which depend on WIFI.  

One step at a time folks. Bill's continuing to work on our basement media room, taking up the rug and painting the floor.  I think he has the water seepage leak from the outside fixed. 

One step at a time folks. What's next?  I would love to have a month or two of smooth sailing. 

Life goes on.


"Tommy" said...

That yard is nice and green.... looks like really healthy grass.... hope they dont dig too much to lay that line

Unknown said...

Ron, Google makes a WIFI Transmitter and it covered further than my old Netgear WIFI. They have boosters that you can plug in to extend the signal. My brother had to use two boosters to transmit the WIFI throughout his home for the outside security cameras to work. My cable co. is Cox and they have a WIFI transmitter called Xfinity. Comcast also has that transmitter but I have no experience with it. I hope this helps.