Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Mouse Still in the House

Yes, a mouse is still in our house. Bill refused to believe that a field mouse had come in from the cold to take up residence in our humble abode. An uninvited guest.

Last night, before I went to bed, I checked the pantry and surprise, was eye to eye with The Intruder. The Mouse was startled and quickly raced down the pantry door and hid among the soup cans.  I stood there, stunned, wondering what to do now.  The Mouse took a peek around the corner then retreated among the soup cans again. I still stood there like a stup, wondering what to do. The mouse decided to make a run for it, and raced out of the pantry closet door, around the corner and to the back of our nearby refrigerator.  So that's where is he hiding!  Now I knew what to do, set mouse traps along his path line.  So far, no sighting of The Mouse. I was hoping he would trip up on one of those traps and have his neck broken.

This morning I informed Bill of my confrontation with the mouse.  I think he now believes me. He got our mini Have-a-Heart-trap, put some peanut butter in it and set the trap out.  So far no sighting of The Mouse.  Hopefully when I go home tonight The Mouse will have gone to his heavenly home.  

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