Saturday, December 15, 2018

Comments Working Again!


Hey folks! My comment section is finally working again.  Thanks to help from my long time friend Lar who sent me a copy of his settings so I could duplicate them on my settings. I love Blogger but Google doesn't make it easy.  I was seriously considering going to Word Press but I've tried them before and either I'm too stupid to learn or they're just too complicated for my old brain.  I like the clean format of Word Press but trying to figure it out to do all the things I can do with Blogger, is beyond my limited comprehensive skills.

What a relief to be back on my old blog. A blog which I began in 2005.  I've spilled a lot of my guts in this blog over the past thirteen years. I've made friends and lost friends who either died or became bored with my posts and moved on to greener pastures. I know one "problem" I have is that I don't post nude photos of men on my blog.  That limits my blog followers I'm sure but for those of you who are interested in the day to day musings of a seventy-seven year old gay man who is in a long term relationship (54 years) and who also has a buddy (five years) who I travel with four times a year, then this is your place to be. 

I'm not the cleverest person in the world, nor the handsomest but I do have my moments. 

I appreciate all of you who follow my blog and leave comments which is why I am so glad I got this comment section of my blog straightened out. I do like that interaction with my readers. My blog wouldn't be the same without that interaction. Just like writing into the great Unknown. Endless space. I need that contact. Thank you Lar!

Lar told me the video I posted on my last blog was jerky.  If any of you had the same problem and would like to see a non-jerky video, let me know and I'll send you a direct link because it really is a good video compilation of our (me and Pat) recent stay in Philly visiting our friend Don.

Remember always, I am here to inform and entertain and perhaps bring a smile to your day. 

By the way, that is Lar in the video. The guy with the cane and white beard. The other two suspects are me and my Travel Buddy, Pat. We were in Rehoboth Beach two years ago having an old time photo taken with Anne. 


Ron said...

Testing to see if comments are working again.

Jon said...

I tried Word Press a few years ago and couldn't figure it out, either. But I wasn't very enthusiastic about it, anyway. I feel comfortable with Blogger.

By the way - I lost a LOT of gay readers on my blog simply because I'm not "gay" enough - - and not liberal enough. Only a few intelligent, discerning gay readers (like yourself) remain.
It's not in my nature to constantly flaunt my sexuality. Besides, 95 per cent of the people who visit my blog are those middle-aged church ladies. Hell, I don't want to lose them.....(*smile*)

Ken said...

I have read your blog a long while now and enjoy everyone, even without nudes LOL! I am 73 now and feel a kinship with you, even though we are very different. Please never stop writing.

pat888 said...


Ron said...

Well folks, I have my comment section working again, sort of. I can't respond directly to each individual commenter, which I would prefer, but I have to respond this way. Ken Eaton, thank you so much for your kind and generous compliment. Folks like you are one of the reasons I love to blog. Although some may consider me dull and boring (I don't) others like you find something interesting. I think we all have interesting lives. It's ironic that I can only find so few bloggers that I find interesting. Maybe it's me. I like bloggers like Jon (commented above), even though we are vastly different in our political views. I'll keep blogging as long as I can.
Jon, your comments are always welcome. I don't have much of a gay following nor do I have the middle age church ladies, I think you have the corner on them. Every one has their own style of blogging. I like your style Jon, totally honest even though we don't always agree politically. It's ironic but most of my friends don't agree with me politically including believe it or not Pat. We stay away from getting too deep into political discussions. I can understand his viewpoint as I can yours.
I'm so glad I can comment again and receive comments. I like that feeling of keeping in touch.

Harry Hamid said...

I think we all know things we could do to boost eyeballs on our page, but it seems to be more important, for most of us, to have the blog reflect who we are than to appeal to the masses.

Glad you the comments going again. It's not the same without that interaction, I know.

Ron said...

Hi Harry! Thank you for your comment. There was a time in my life when nude men were very interesting to me but not so much now. In my Foolish Youth that kind of eyeballing was fun. My blog isn't the place for such photo displays. There are plenty of places to go for that if one is interested. I am so glad I can comment again. Interaction is very important to me. That's how I met Pat, though my blog. He wasn't and isn't a blog reader but he saw my photo on the Internet through the news and looked me up and found me blog. He commented while I was on the blog. I commented back and thus began the best friendship of my life. So you never know. Thanks again Harry for being a friend and reading my blog. Good to know I'm not boring everybody.