Sunday, December 16, 2018

Another Frustrating Day

This morning I purchased a Seagate Backup Plush Hub hard drive. I am always worried about losing my 96,000 plus photos and videos. 

I talked to my friend Lar yesterday and he says he always backs up his photos. I have my photos and videos on iCloud but I don't trust it. I'm waiting for the day, which will come, when the news goes out "Whoops!  iCloud has been hacked by ransom ware and you'll have to pay $$$$$ to get your photo and video files back!"  Why not, just about everything you have on the Internet has been hacked at one time or another. Why even my photo has been hacked and is now being used by some Middle Easterner on a dating web site. I suppose I should be flattered but I'm not, I feel violated. 

I spent hours today trying to configure the new software to my computer. I even inveigled by friend Mike to make the trip to Casa Tipton-Kelly to help me. Now mind you, Mike is much more knowledgeable about this computer workings than I am. After a couple of hours of trying to get it to work, I suggested we call it quits. It was dark outside and I didn't want to keep Mike from dinner with his husband.  

After Mike left I went on You Tube to try and see if there was an instructional video where the instructor wasn't such a ham to see if I could figure out to get this software on my computer so I could back up my photos and videos. No luck with not getting a ham (what is it with some of these guys on You Tube? Do they all think they're going viral? Not everyone is a Justin Bieber). What I did find out though was I got the wrong software. I got the "PC" instead of the software for my iMac computer. Slap on my head. 

I take it back to Staples tomorrow for a full refund. Wish me luck. 


Ur-spo said...

Tut you will blow a gusset if you don't mind your agitation

Travel said...

There is reportedly a software download that will make it work, I ordered a Seagate 5 tb drive from Amazon, and specifically got the Mac configured one, it was plug and play with the timecapsule software that is part of the Mac operating system. It will take a long while to backup 96000 photo files.

Ron said...

I took the Seagate 8 TB drive back to Staples this morning. Thankfully they gave me a credit. I ordered a G-Technology 4 TB drive this morning from the Apple store. Coincidentally the price was the same, $149.95. Configuring the Seagate equipment was just too confusing for my old brain. I need something very simple.

Dr. Spo,
I need simple in my life now. Actually I've always needed simple. KISS (keep it simple stupid)