Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Holidays

My last Thanksgiving Dinner - 2003 at a friend's house in Downingtown, PA - the lady in the salmon colored top cook the meal which was DELICIOUS!  

Here we go again, "The Holidays".  I have to be careful here not to appear or sound like an old grump but I'm not a big fan of "The Holidays."  But there is no avoiding it, one does get swept up in "The Holidays."

Bill put up the Christmas lights outside on our porch. I helped him today. We'll turn them on after Thanksgiving Day this Thursday.  

I still haven't ordered my Christmas cards. I've been sending Christmas cards since I was a teenager. Mainly I like keeping in touch with former co-workers, relatives and friends who are a distance away.  I have to admit that I like to keep them informed that I am still alive and I am checking to make are they're still alive. I may not do personalized Christmas cards this year with pictures of me and Bill. We're just too old and ugly. Time to send the sparkly cards and let our card recipients remember us how we used to look before old age melted our looks.

This week I work again Thanksgiving Day.  I do not complain. I never have any special plans for Thanksgiving Day although I do like a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner. I'll take in a frozen turkey dinner.  I'm also working day shift Friday and Saturday for one of my co-workers. Looks like I'm putting up the hotel Christmas tree. No problems, I don't mind. Bill and I don't put up a Christmas tree here in the house, the one at work will have to do the Christmas magic for moi. 

Again this year I don't do Christmas gifts. We have everything we want.  Since my Mother died, I have no desire to give anyone else gifts. I gift friends during the year when I see something they like. Years ago I opted out of the annual pressure of Christmas Shopping Mania.  I used to do that when my nephew and nieces were young. Some of them have grandchildren now who I only see on Facebook. I'm too far removed to gift. They will receive a Final Gift from me when I die, they're in my will.

The last two weeks I had a spate of doctors's visits. My semi-annual checkup at my VA doctor. A dental appointment, at which they noticed my blood pressure was high. I NEVER have high blood pressure so I don't know what that's all about. This week I see my urologist to check up on that kidney stone I still have that hasn't dropped. I'll have him check my blood pressure. Hopefully it is an aberration.  However, I have been taking prescription nasal spray for my mucous problem (constantly clearing throat).  Maybe high blood pressure is a side effect.

This time next week I'll be in Philadelphia for a week's stay at my friend Don MacKenzie's co-op guest suite. I'll meet Pat there. Always a good time when Pat and I get together for our quarterly rendezvous.  We'll do some Christmasy things while we're in Philly.  Five years ago I started this Philly visit to celebrate my birthday earlier this month. I couldn't get off earlier this year. This time is just as well, we'll do the Christmas Thing, which I have to admit I do enjoy. I like all the color and sounds. Just not the pressure to Christmas shop, which I don't do anyway.

When I was a young boy, I used to feel sad for old folks who didn't do much in the Christmas way at their homes. Now I understand.  

I plan to blog at least one more time before Thanksgiving but if I don't, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mike, Studio City said...

We are thankful for your fun blog. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Ron said...

Hey Mike, thanks! Happy I am thankful for longtime friends like you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Glenn too!