Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Subaru Recall

Waiting in line (me in my red Subaru) for service this morning at the dealership

Just got back from Dover. I took my car to my Subaru dealer for a recall.  Brake linings and passenger side airbags.  

I didn't want to go.  I received the recall notices the past year and ignored them. I purchased my Subaru Forester from this Dover dealer back in 2010. At that time I had excellent service. However, a few years ago, when the dealership changed ownership, the service I received was terrible. I vowed never to go back.  I've been in the service industry all my adult life and I know bad service when I see and experience it. When I receive bad service, I don't go back.

However, last week I received a second notice from the Subaru headquarters about the air bag recall.  The recall correspondence mentioned the deadly danger of the passenger side air bag going off, injuring and killing passengers with shrapnel. WTF?  Unbelievable!  

I considered ignoring this notice too but upon second (and third) thought I decided to just get it over with.  I called and made an appointment.  The service desk had a problem finding my name until I gave them my Subaru VIN number. They found my records. She said "You haven't been here for awhile."  Uh, yes.  I decided not to dump on her why I had not returned.  She was an innocent party.  She wasn't there when I received the terrible service the last time I was at their facility.

I made an appointment for today at 8:30 am.  That meant I had to get up early, which I did.  How's 5:07 am sound?  Yep, I didn't sleep all that well knowing I had to make the thirty-nine mile trip to Dover this morning.  

It rained last night. This morning when I got up the rain continued. I debated with myself whether of not to go up.  I hate driving in the rain. But it wasn't raining real hard but enough to make me uncomfortable driving that distance. I decided to go. 

Ten miles up the road (Route One, the main artery to southern Delaware), the rain increased followed by fog.  Great, my worst driving conditions. I pulled off on a side road and told Bill "I'm not going. I'm calling and cancelling."  He said "Why? You halfway there."  Well, actually I wasn't "halfway" there but well on my way.  I pulled in a private driveway and backed out onto the road and resumed my journey in the rain and fog to Dover.

Another eight miles up the road I encounter road construction. When don't I encounter road construction when traveling? I briefly considered turning around again but decided just to barrel through and get this over with.

Twenty minutes later I arrive in downtown Dover. I approach the dealership.  I am immediately impressed with the new service area.  Instead of going inside and seeing a couple of guys behind the service desk, instead I see a young lady with an iPad outside checking the car in front of me with the car's owner. Another service rep comes out (Carol) and says "You are Mr. Tipton?"  Hey!  I'm impressed already.  She's expecting me.  

Carol checking out my Subaru

She tells me to accompany her while she walks around my car for an examination.  She explains to me I am there for a recall on two items.  Gee, I don't have to explain to The Guy Behind The Service Desk why I am there.  She notes the split rubber on my rear windshield wiper but otherwise, everything on my Subaru looks good.  It should, my 2010 Subaru only has just over 61,000 miles on it and has a comfy home in my garage.  I sign off with my finger on her iPad.

Carol directs me inside to another service rep who gives me the key to my loaner car.  It's another Subaru!  And here I thought they were going to give me some chintzy car.  But ah, there is a method behind their actions.  When I got into my Subaru I felt at home immediately!  Aren't they clever?  

Me signing off on the loaner car

I LOVED the updated dashboard!
I LOVED the comfort of the new higher seating!
I LOVED the color display on the radio!
I LOVED the backup screen!
I LOVED the feel of more power of the engine!

Of course when I returned home I checked the Kelley Blue Book value of my present Subaru (between $8,000 an $11,000) and the price of this new Subaru ($25,000).   I really don't need a new car but I do like new and shiny objects. My care now is a 2010. Next year's Subaru would be a 2020.  Sounds nice and neat. 

My loaner Subaru is now safely ensconced in my garage now, waiting for the return trip to the Dover dealership tomorrow. I'm so glad today turned out on a positive note. 


Harry Hamid said...

Good service is definitely something that should be noted these days. I do hope hope the threat of shrapnel in your car has been alleviated.

Ron said...

One of the easiest things for a business to do is provide good service but too many don't get that simple business practice. Providing good service brings the customer back and word of mouth gets new customers. That's one reason Apple is so popular. I also get excellent service from them. It was such a pleasure to receive good service today from my auto dealer, maybe they get it.

Anonymous said...

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Travel said...

Service make all the difference, One of the primary reasons I traded the Cadilac after I moved to DC was crappy service from the nearest dealer. The service at the dealer in Lexington was one of the reasons I bought that car.

Ron said...

I'm not sure if this is a spam comment but if it isn't, thanks for the comment.

Ron said...

Service makes all the difference to me in dealing with businesses. If I receive poor or indifferent service, I go elsewhere unless I have no choice (like Comcast). But lo and behold, even Comcast's service has improved even though they keep charging me for a modern/router that is mine and not theirs. Hopefully this month that charge will be off permanently. At least I was able to get through to them and the service representative on the other end of the line seemed to care unlike my interactions in the past with Comcast in which they were often hostile to me.

Ur-spo said...

See! It all worked out well. Next time not to be so grumpy about it hohoho

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Very happy it all worked out, to my surprise. I was dreading the visit to the dealership. Still it did cost me almost $500 but that what happens when one takes one's car to the dealership.