Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Constitutional Crises

Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions today.

Trump replaced Sessions with a Trump loyalist who has publicly criticized the Special Counsel Mueller investigation. It's obvious what is going on, Trump is going to try and stop the Special Counsel's investigation into his collusion with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election and Trump's subsequent obstruction of justice.  This is no secret, Trump has done all of this out in the open.

Trump is afraid. He showed it during his press conference today in which he attacked the media again for what he calls "fake news" or news that he doesn't like.  Trump claimed a "great victory" in yesterday's mid-term elections, thus creating his own reality again.  When questioned by the media he strikes out and calls them "the enemy of the people."  Watching Trump's behavior at that press conference today was embarrassing.  This was the president of the United States acting like a petulant bully who has been caught lying.

I remember the whole Nixon criminality and the Saturday Night Massacre.  What Trump has been doing is much worse.  Much worse is his criminality and now his attempt to stop the investigation into his criminality.  

These are perilous times for our country today folks. Things are about to get worse, much worse. 


mxtodis123 said...

What Trump is doing is downright frightening. I watched that press conference. If anything, it was the other way around. That woman was the one who tried to grab the microphone. The reporter did nothing to her. And Trump even lies about that, says the reporter attacked her....even though it's on video for the world to see.

Travel said...

Waiting for Mueller to act, likely soon. Rumor has that he has a little surprise for Don Jr.

Ron said...

It's going to be interesting to see what Trump Sr. does when Trump Jr. is indicted, which I also expect to happen soon, probably tomorrow.

Ron said...

Did you see where Sarah Sanders put out a doctored video? We are living in a dangerous time. This is only going to get worse.