Monday, October 15, 2018

Twenty-Five Questions About Myself

Time for a fun post. We all like questions. I chose these questions at random by a Google search. I originally answered these questions last Saturday but I had trouble posting the text to my blog. Then I got caught up in other things. You know how that goes. I finally solved my problem by going into my Word program and doing a little cutting and pasting. And wouldn't you know it, I had problems with my Word program. The one they forced me to pay $99 a year for. I hate Microsoft.  That's why I have all Apple products but Word is the best software for word processing.  I just wish they would stop sending me so many upgrades.  

Yes, I'm rambling on here.

I often talk to my longtime good friend Lar.  He of the same age as I.  We aging not so gracefully but thanks be God, we're still here.  We both would just like to go through a couple of weeks with no "bumps".  Seems to be almost impossible though.  We'll keep hoping though, won't we Lar.

So without further ado, here are my latest questions and very clever and witting answers.

Have a great day everyone!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? A hard question. There are many places in the world where I would like to go. I always thought England would be the first place but if I was given a free trip I think I would go to mainland China. Don't ask me why because my heritage certainly isn't there and I'm not attracted to Chinese men but I think China would be so interesting to visit, a complete another world. England, where my ancestry comes from (both sides of the family) would sort of being like going "home."  I would like to visit England someday though.  The only foreign country I've been in is Canada.  I haven't even visited Mexico or Prince Edward Island!
2.  You’ve been given the opportunity to give all of your money to charity. Who do you give it to? Without a doubt I would give it to one of those animal sanctuaries that actually care for animals. I would not give it to an animal charity that is top heavy with administrators who suck up most of the money. I've read about cat sanctuaries that selfless individuals have created for stay cats.  That's where my money would go to.  Not that I have anything against other well meaning charities but I wonder how much money actually sifts down to those who really need the money.
3.  When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Believe it or not I wanted to be a women's fashion designer.  From third grade on I was sketching women with gowns. I didn't follow through because I lacked self-confidence.  If I had a little more self confidence I might have been the next Versace!
4.  What is the one thing that you consider OK to lie about? I hate to lie because I'm not a good liar. But if there is one thing I consider it OK to lie about is if someone gives me some homemade food that is awful, I just can't bring myself to tell them that it is awful. I almost died once when I lied about "liking" a friend's Mom's rhubarb pie.  I barely managed to eat the one piece she gave me.  She asked me how I liked it.  I couldn't tell her that I barely got it down my throat.  I said I "liked it".  She insisted that I have a second piece. I literally couldn't finish it.  I had to take the half eaten pie to her bathroom, citing an "emergency bathroom call" and flush it down the toilet.  I was going to throw it out the second floor window to the bushes below but I was afraid she would discover it.  One of the worst experiences of my life.  The things I remember about that rhubarb pied was the granulated sugar below the bottom crust and on top of the top crust and the stringy rhubarb. God, absolutely one of the worst experiences of my life.  I should have told her that I DON'T LIKE RHUBARB.  Well, I was young (21) and foolish. That's my excuse.
5.  Do you know where your birth certificate is at this very minute? I certainly do.  It's in my safe in our basement.
6.  How do you get to work everyday? I drive my red Subaru Forester the four miles to work.
7.  What three things make you happiest right now? Bill, Pat, my home.
8.  You can either speak or hear, but not both. Which do you chose? Hear, definitely.
9.  What is your greatest strength? Determination, I rarely give up.
10.    Who — dead or alive — would you most like to meet? My paternal grandfather, he died two years before I was born. I would like to meet all of my ancestors. Maybe I will in the Afterlife, if there is one which I seriously doubt.
11.    Do you like surprises? I absolutely do not.
12.    What single thing can you not live without? My iPhone. Well, I could actually live without it but I have a hard time imagining my life without my iPhone and all the goodies it provides me to enhance my life.
13.    Where do you hope to be in five years? Right where I am now, at home here in southern Delaware sharing my life with Bill and traveling four times a years with my Canadian Travel Buddy, Pat. I have the life now that I have always sought.
14.    How do you like your eggs? Yes I do, except over easy.
15.    What did you dress up as last year for Halloween?  No. Last time I dressed up was 2013. I can't drive at night now. Would love to be invited to a Halloween party but the gay community down here is very cliquish and I am not included. Poor me.
16.    If you could legally change your name, would you do it? I have no desire to change my name, Ronald Walter Tipton. Each name has two syllables and six words each. It is a perfect name for me.  But if I would change my name it would be to Wesley Hardin. I always like the name "Wesley".  I thing an early crush I had was on a "Wesley."  Plus, "Wesley Hardin" sounds like a good western gunslinger name.  
17.    What is your greatest weakness? Naivette. My late good friend Bob McCamley told me once, "Ron, you are terminally naive."  And I am. I have tried with great effort to be cynical and hardened but at my base, I'm a sucker for the latest line.  I tend to believe that most people have good intentions. To show you how bad I am I believed Nixon until the tapes came out.  At least I'm not THAT naive anymore about politicians.
18.    Do you have an article of clothing that you would gladly wear everyday? My Eddie Bauer yellow seersucker shirt. I have literally worn it out.  And I NEVER wear out clothes but I LOVE that shirt. I can't find a replacement. I'm wearing a rag now. When I go out and people see my ragged collar and sleeves, they feel sorry for me. 
19.    What is your ideal job? My very first job, paperboy. I had that job from third grade to ninth grade, five years.  I LOVED that job. Was out in there fresh air, interacted with people while prvoviding them a good service (I am a service orientated person) and I was my own boss.  I also liked the solitary part of the job.  Didn't make much money, $5.00 a week at the most but I did like that job.  My second best job was as a Trust Operations manager at a small bank.  I ran the whole department until I got fired for being gay when a new vice president came in.  He was a homophobe and once he found out I was gay he did everything to make my life miserable. I refused to quit. He finally fired me, I sued and lost because I didn't have any "witnesses." Real life isn't like it is in the movies. There aren't always happy endings. 
20.    When you die, what do you want people to remember you for? My sense of humor. That I made them smile, made them happy.
21.    What is your favorite color? Lavender
22.    Is there anything that you pretend to enjoy, but honestly don’t? Hard to come up with something. Maybe being introduced to someone's kid who clearly doesn't want to meet me. It's their kid. I don't hate kids I really hate to be polite to a rude kid. And I find most if not all kids today are rude because when I'm introduced to them they just look at me and say nothing when I introduce myself. And I get they "He/she is shy" excuse but to me, when I was growing up and introduced to an adult I was taught to be polite and at least acknowledge them with a "Hello."  Instead I get a sullen look and then a look away.  Never a smile or a polite acknowledgement of my extended greeting. I blame the parents, not the kid. 
23.    How do you deal with conflict? Stand my ground and get though it. I try to avoid arguments, shouting doesn't do any good other than to polarize positions. I know what my beliefs and values are.  I've had seventy-six years to work on them. I'm not perfect but I am content with myself.
24.    If you could have one super power, what would it be?  That I could fly like Superman.
25.    What is your favorite thing about yourself? Hard question to answer since I am basically a humble (joke!) person. I would have to say knowing that I am on the right side of history. At this time of my life I can see so clearly now and I know that the Republican party leadership and Trump is clearly on the wrong side of history. 


paul cully said...

One small point. Prince Edward Island is a Canadian Province albeit the smallest of them.

Joel Reisteter said...

03. You'd make a way-faaaabulous dress designer.
13. I hope that will come true for you & Bill. But then you may have all these in-home healthcare folks. Trust me, please I know.
19. I was a morning newspaper delivery boy about the time of Watergate in 1972. One of several reasons I became a Democrat.
20. Your earlier post about the flies proves to me that you are a stand-up comic at heart. So, there you go - Li'l Ronnie Tipton, Comic *Genius.*
21. Exactly!
Everything else is very interesting - which makes you a very normal reasonably well-adjusted young-at-heart 76 (nearly 77) year-old - *kid.*

Ur-spo said...

Such jolly good fun! I will do this one myself.

Ron said...

Thank you for the correction!

Ron said...

Thanks for your comments! I think I could have become a reasonably funny stand up comedian. I can see the absurdity of life and yet see the humor. Maybe next time around.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Looking forward to reading your list!

Anonymous said...

I made myself a homemade rhubarb pie. It tasted like lime juice,horseradish and fermented blueberry juice. It was so bad that I froze the pie, before I placed it in the trash!