Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Arrived in Canada!

Day three of my week long stay in Canada visiting my friend Pat.

Pat picked me up at the Buffalo airport Sunday. My flight was delayed for almost an hour out of Philadelphia because of "mechanical problems."  Not a good sign.  But once we were in the air, there was no problem. A beautiful day for a flight.

I arrived in Hamilton with Pat to catch the tail end of the annual Crawl.  Pat said the streets weren't as jammed as they were earlier in the week but it was still pretty crowded.  A special treat was witnessing a live performance of "Some Kind of Wonderful" by the man who wrote that song, John Ellison.  I videotaped that performance and will post it in a future post. I hope I don't have copyright issues with You Tube.

I'm typing this blog post from my Macbook which isn't quite as flexible as when I type my blog from my iMac at home. I won't be able to post as many photos and videos from this source. Rest assured I will catch up when I get home.  You know me and my photos and videos.

Yesterday Pat took me on a tour of Hamilton. So many changes in this former steel town of five hundred thousand so so souls that is undergoing a renovation to a millennial destination. Pat moved here from overcrowded Toronto as many others have done. He loves Hamilton!

I brought along the first season of "Game of Thrones", which Pat can't get on his Canadian version of Netflix. We watched the first show last night. We're not binge watching yet but I think once I get Pat hooked, we probably will. I know I am enjoying watching the show again, now I understand a lot more that passed by me when I first watched this show.

Pat is at yoga now.  I'm catching up on my e-mail, blog posting and the latest news on the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. You didn't think I would miss the news did you?  

The weather has been almost a perfect low 70's an sun since I've arrived in Canada. 

Life is good folks.

Have a great day!


Joel Reisteter said...

Very nice! I hope you lads didn't see the Devil
At a place called Dundas Peak on the Bruce Trail in the Hamilton area, there is no safety rail/fence. That's a bit too dangerous, even for me.

Travel said...

Enjoy the break, and time with a dear friend,

Joel Reisteter said...

Devil's Punch bowl is beautiful, but I like Pat's hat & shirt. Pat has got to steady his hand with the camera, or you're the perfect Olympic gold-medal winning "senior" gymnast.

nitewrit said...


So when will we see the video of you in that park dancing with the dancing man of Hamilton?


Joel Reisteter said...

I would love to see more of the dancing man, too.