Monday, July 09, 2018

Trip to Cape May, New Jersey

The Mall in downtown Cape May, New Jersey. Just a perfect idyllic setting, lovely!

Yesterday was one of those rare days, perfect summertime weather. 

If we're lucky we only get two or three of those days during the summer. 

The temperature hovered around seventy-two breezy degrees and not a cloud in the sky. 

A few weeks ago I was invited by my new friends Mike and Bob to take a day trip with them to Cape May New Jersey. Mike's twin sister from San Francisco was visiting for a family reunion in West Virginia.  I accepted the invitation immediately.

I live and work here in southern Delaware which is only a short (forty-five minutes) away from Cape May, New Jersey via the Cape May-Lewes ferry.  

I've only taken the ferry trip to Cape May once. That was with my friends Jack and Judy D. That trip was during a cold winter month.  It was a cold trip and when we got to Cape May, almost everything was closed. Yesterday totally different, height of the summer season.

This post is only a short version of that trip. I took one hundred and forty-four videos and photos which I will put together in a fabulous musical video.  But for now, these two photos will have to suffice. 

I do live an interesting life!

Thanks Bob and Mike for inviting me.

Mike and his twin sister Pat; Bob and me prior to our departure on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry yesterday from Lewes, Delaware - the beginning of a fabulous day


Anonymous said...

I live in Cape May! Wish I would have known you were over so I could have met you. I was also at the ferry having a drink. You had a beautiful and no humidity!

Ron said...

I liked Cape May so much I'm going back. Tell me more about yourself, maybe we can meet. Yes, it was a perfectly gorgeous day, cool and no humidity. Magical.

Elle Clancy said...

Love Cape May, although the crowds in the summer have gotten to be insane. I have always wanted to go at Christmastime; everything is supposed to be beautifully decorated. I am just now trying to book a hotel for the fall in Stone Harbor, NJ. We're in Ohio now but I grew up in Yardley.

Even though I don't comment often, I read your blog all the time; it's like stories from home!

Ron said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment! Always nice to know someone is reading and enjoying my ramblings. You don't have to comment often, as long as I know my efforts aren't going out into the Great Unknown.
I really liked Cape May. Although it was crowded over there it's much worse here at Rehoboth Beach. I don't even take the ten mile ride down in the summertime now. It's just too crazy. In addition to getting stuck in traffic, there is no place to park. There is just so much land at the beach, it doesn't expand. However, I do like to make at least once trip to the boardwalk just to "experience" the summertime vibe. But I will go back to Cape May on the next nice Sunday.

Ur-spo said...

I remember once going to Cape May. It was inundated with dead horseshoe crabs.