Friday, May 18, 2018

Eye Exam and Other Rants

Waiting room at the Delaware Eye Institute this morning - my surreptitious photo

Another day, another doctor's appointment. This one my annual eye examination.  

Good news!  I have no significant changes in my prescription. My eyes are basically good, for an old geezer of 76 years old.  My cataracts are "mild" according to my eye doctor. He said I don't need to take action now but that gradually my cataracts will grow and there is nothing I can do about it.  He told me that seeing colors will gradually become dimmer and dimmer and glare will continue to be a greater problem.

Selfie taken of me by me i the holding room of my eye doctor - my eyes were real little this morning as they  that early in the morning - Possum Eyes

Already I don't drive at night except when I return from work at the hotel two nights a week.  And then it's late at night and there is little traffic on the road. My days of driving the ten miles down Route One to Rehoboth Beach for a get together with my gay friends at the Purple Parrot are long gone. Just a fond memory.

Bill waiting for me as I checked out this morning after my eye examination

It's been raining almost nonstop here for the past three days. The forecast is for two more days of rain then the sun will break out.  Just in time for Pat's visit to Deal-where? next Wednesday and our week long visit in Philly.  At least we're not going to have a repeat of a few years ago when two consecutive visits to Philly were rain every day.  

Pat and "Patrick" on one of our many rainy days in Philly

Hopefully sunny days will prevail during our semi-annual visit to the City of Brotherly Love. You know what they always say, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!"  Oh wait, thats a TV program isn't it?  Of course it isn't filmed in Philadelphia which is why I never watched it. Just for your information it is taped primarily in Los Angeles with a few exterior scenes in Philly. What a pity, Philly is such an interesting city with many interesting venues.  But you know how those lazy TV producers are.  Why go on location when you can tape your show in LA and go home at night?  Of course.  Not that I don't like Los Angeles  but come on folks. Get off your ass and go to Philly if you're going to have a show about Philly. 

That said, have a great day everyone!

Pat and me on one of those rare "Sunny Days In Philadelphia" (Rittenhouse Square area)  (I don't know how these TV producers think they can capture the unique character of Philadelphia on an LA soundstage when Philadelphia has so much to offer)(


Raybeard said...

On my recent visit to the optician, last month, I was told that I'm now showing the initial signs of developing cataracts though it shouldn't be a problem for a few years yet. I certainly haven't noticed any change in my sight. If I can get to your age (just four years short) and then feel as you are feeling now it'll be something for which to be thankful.

Ur-spo said...

I would adore and welcome a three day-long rain.

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