Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bill's New Doctor

Bill's appointment for his edema is scheduled for next week. It was quite an arduous procedure that I had to go through to get approval for him to get medical attention outside the VA system.  The Choice program is great once everything is in place. But getting there is a challenge. I don't know how an older person who is by them self would be able to navigate the system.  

First I had to schedule an appointment with his VA care provider. They have to evaluate his situation (a "consult") before he can be recommended for care outside the VA system. Once that is done (not always a guarantee) then I had to wait for a call from the main VA facility in Wilmington advising me that HealthNet would call me with an authorization number. Each medical situation has to have its own authorization number.

Then to coordinate Bill's VA medical records with his new doctor, who is pictured above. Folks, Bill's new doctor is Doogie Howser.

Yes folks, that's not an old picture of Bill's new doctor.  That is him today. 

There was a time when I was mildly amused the first time I saw a doctor younger than me. Can't say that I'm mildly amused any more. I'm realizing that Bill and I are really 



Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. I wish (and you all probably do, too) that Bill's appt was sooner. I worry about things such as cellulitis, which from an earlier description you gave *could* be what's going on. Of course, the medicos will be interested in trying to determine the source of the edema, and thus his appt, but it looks like they would have called in an antibiotic in the meantime. Oh, well. Best wishes to you both, and here's hoping Bill has a quick return to health so he can enjoy springtime (when it finally arrives). ~~ NB

Travel said...

I have a sweater in my closet that is older than that doctor (Navy-Blue wool, I bought in London in 1990.)

pat888 said...

Wow Ron - looks fresh out of high school!! I think there was a TV show about a doctor like him LOL.


Deedles said...

I feel your pain, Ron. My eye doctor is twelve. He wears loony tune ties, for crying in a bucket! He's also gorgeous with a beautiful smile and good sense of humor. He didn't get upset when I asked to see his driver's license. The older we get, the younger the doctor's are gonna be. That is probably a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I prefer younger doctors in general. For surgery, I think experience is critical. But in most
doctors, the younger ones are more up on new techniques, drugs etc and if they are on staff as
many are now instead of fee based the approach is less rushed and focused on your progress, not influenced by test income potential

Ron said...

It will be a relief to finally have Bill's condition seen by a doctor and treated.

Ron said...

That got an out loud laugh from me!

Ron said...

"Doogie Howser" was the TV show.

Ron said...

It is a good thing. We're not upset about it. It is interesting that at the doctors seem to be getting younger and younger. Or maybe it's us getting older.

Ron said...

Good point. I won't use a doctor us doesn't listen to me or I feel rushed. I've already left that kind of doctor.

Mike said...

I wish I had a photo of the ginger dermatologist I fired. That youngster did nothing to deserve being fired, it was the confusion in his office that upset me (long story). But boy was he cute and boy did I fall for him. At least I have four biopsy scars to remember him by.

Ur-spo said...

He does look fresh out of school. On the positive they are enthusiastic and not set in ancient ways.

Ron said...

Always nice to have a cute for a doctor or a PA. I've been very luck to have a few myself.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Met him first time today. You're right, he's enthusiastic and friendly and caring. This is care outside the VA. Different.