Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas Eve and the roads are almost traffic free.

Bill and I took a quick ride down this morning to our new friends Mike and Bob.  Bill had not met Bob yet and I wanted to take some of my once a year special treat Christmas Cookies.

We had a nice visit and came back on an almost deserted Route One, which was fabulous. There are only a couple times a year that I get to enjoy deserted roadways, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I love it!

Any hoo, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from me and Bill and an extremely happy and healthy New Year.  Remember, DON'T FALL!

Peace and love to all!


Jon said...

How wonderful to be able to drive on deserted roads! That's a Christmas present in itself. I hope you and Bill have a wonderfully peaceful holiday (with no ice!). We're supposed to get light snow here in TN early tonight.

Jane Karwat said...

Merry Christmas Ron and Bill. We are getting snow so some of my Christmas will be shovelling the white stuff. I'll be careful not to fall!

Ron said...

Thanks Jane. You have a merry Christmas too. I was just talking to Pat (he lives in Hamilton) on FaceTime. I see where you're all having a white Christmas this year. You be careful too not to fall. Pat just told me his friend's wife fell today and broke her wrist. She's in surgery now. It happens so fast when you fall.

Ron said...

Driving on those deserted roads is one of my most favorite aspects of the holiday season. I wish the roads could be like that more often. Unfortunately, most of the time the roads are just clogged and it gets worse every year. You don't have that problem though but I do remember those twisty, treacherous mountain roads. Be careful and don't fall. Pat's friend's wife just fell today and broke her wrist. She's in the hospital now undergoing surgery. You don't what that to happen. Enjoy this peaceful night with the light snow in Tennessee.

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