Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year 2018

Me at Mummers' Parade in Philadelphia, PA - 1965

Happy New Year folks!

This photo (can you spot me?) was taken at the Mummers' Day parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1965.  

That is me in the overcoat with the goofy smile. The Philadelphia Academy of Music is in the background. This was the first time I attended the Mummers' Day parade in person. Cold, cold, cold!

For many years thereafter I eagerly looked forward to attending the Mummers' Day parade in person and enjoying all its attendant festivities, especially the "festivities" in the bar (won't go into detail, use your vivid imagination).  

These days my New Year's Day activity is working the front desk at the local hotel where I work part-time. In fact this week I'm working four days in a row.  I don't mind. Keeps me out of trouble and I get to enjoy interaction with the guests who are invariably nice on holidays like Christmas and New Years.

While I vastly enjoyed my New Year's celebrations of the past, especially being in jammed gay bar as the new year was rung in, this year I'll get home just in time to see Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen ring in the New Year on TV in Times Square, New York City. 

One thing I remember about my New Year's of the past was how COLD it was, cold until I had a few drinks (well, maybe a "few" more than a few).  This year, no drinks and I will be in my warm home when the ball drops in Times Square.  By the way, is that a brilliant move on the part of CNN to have Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen co-host the New Year's Eve celebration?  Just look at how far we have come when two gay men can host a national TV show.  Must drive those Roy Moore die hard supporters in Alabama crazy. Back in my day about the only time you saw anything gay in public was when the drag queens (we called them female impersonators back in the day)

Female impersonator in the Mummers' Day Parade in Philadelphia 1965 (my photo)

 would march (more like sashay) down Broad Street in the New Year's Day parade. That was the one time during the year when the straights didn't get all bent out of shape because gays dared to come out in the open. Ah, those were the days. Now drag is just a, well drag.

Happy New Year!!!!


Raybeard said...

A very Happy New Year, Ron - and also to your hubby (as well as Pat).

From this pic I'd forgotten how tall you are/were - have you shrunk with age?. No one to block your view even when you're at thee back.

'See' you in 2018.

Jon said...

I enjoyed reading about your New Year memories, Ron. New Year's Eve used to be such a big deal to me, but lately I just enjoy staying at home (and watching the NY ball drop). It's supposed to be ZERO here in the TN wilderness tonight. I'm not particularly pleased.

Ha - the very first drag queens I ever saw were on Hollywood Boulevard when I was 18. They were two black "girls" and they gushed about how much they liked my cowboy hat!! Being young and almost innocent, I was admittedly a little nervous at the time.
Happy New Year to you and Bill!

Mike said...

Happy New Year, Ron. Happy blogging too!

Jane Karwat said...

Ron and Bill, Happy New Year. It is very cold here so I am warm at home. All the best for 2018.

Anonymous said...

Always looked forward to Anderson and Kathy. I cannot watch Andy Cohen and would prefer anyone other than that insipid bore.

Ur-spo said...

May 2018 be your best year yet

Ron said...

That's the plan Dr. Spo!

Ron said...

I watched part of the Andy/Anderson Show. I was surprised that it didn't go well. Awkward at times. Here I thought teaming those two friends together was a sure fire formula. Apparently not. I doubt if they will repeat next year.

Ron said...

Happy New Year to you and Bob too Mike!

Ron said...

Happy New Year to you too Ray! I was 6'4", but I have shrunk to 6'3". Hopefully I don't shrink too much further. Yes, being tall is a definite advantage when viewing parades. I can stand in the back and see everything!

Ron said...

New Year's Eve and day used to be such a big event that I looked forward to every year with great anticipation. Good times. Good memories. Like you these days I'm happy just to stay at home although I've been working at the hotel on New Year's Day for the last several years. In fact I think it's been years since I've worked New Year's. Try to stay warm and cozy in your mountain retreat.

Ron said...

Thank you for your new year's wishes. SOOO COLD here. My best to you for the new year.

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