Sunday, December 03, 2017

Back From Philly!

Folks, I have returned!

Yes, I'm back from my week long sojourn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And as usual I (we) had a FABULOUS time! 

I just got up from a much need nap about an hour ago.  Didn't take any naps while I (we) were in Philly so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Pat just texted me. He's still on his way back to his spectacular condo in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He caught his bus out of Philly this morning at precisely 7 AM. Yes, it takes him over twelve hours to get home. He just texted me a few minutes ago from Buffalo, New York. He's about to go through customs before entering Canada. Customs is tough, I hope they don't strip him looking for contraband. 

I need a lot of recoup time. I'll write more about our stay in Philly and it's environs in the coming week. Right now I need some dinner. 

Ah, it is so nice to be home.  Nice to go on trips and all that adventure but also very nice to come home with this new appreciation of my home. 

Life is good folks but I am tired. I can see the time where I will no longer be able to make these trips. But for right now I'll take these trips and experience and enjoy all these new adventures that I have with my good friend Pat and share those experiences with you, my loyal blog followers. 

Love you all!

And believe me, I did contribute generously to the local Philly economy this past week!


Breenlantern said...

Welcome home. Glad you had a good time.

Ur-spo said...

I am glad to see you have a jolly time.

Deedles said...

Welcome back, Ron. It sure feels like you were gone longer than a week.

Raybeard said...

Welcome home, Ron. Now you can put your feet up after all that 'work'.
In the brief vid of Pat's stroll I was hoping we might catch a glance of Anne-Marie the W.Q. Alas, not this time.

Ron said...

Always good to get home as you know. We had a great time as we always do.

Ron said...

We always do! Exhausting but a fabulous time.

Ron said...

It's funny but in one way last week seemed like a long time and yet in other ways the week went by so fast, as it always does when Pat and I get together. Next up: our trip to California. This one for two weeks!

Ron said...

Thanks Ray. Anne Marie doesn't actually live in Philadelphia proper. She lives in a suburb of Philadelphia called Norristown. Coincidentally we drove nearby Norristown during our trip to Downingtown for my high school class Christmas dinner. We briefly discussed visiting Anne Marie but she severed all contact with me after the last Bloogerpalooza. I don't know why but apparently we or me did something to offend or upset her so I just let it go. We try not to offend but sometimes people choose to be offended and we can't do anything about that. By the way, Pat and I saw two very interesting films while we were in Philadelphia. The first was "Tom of Finland." We both liked that film. The other film was "God's Own Country." Both gay themed films that were very well done. Probably not shown in your small town in England. I liked "God's Own Country" but Pat didn't. I hope you're able to see these films. I would love to know your take on these two excellent gay themed films.

Jon said...

Welcome back, Ron! That week went quickly and I'm sure you packed a lot of adventure into it. Now you can rest. Trips are wonderful - but there's no place like home (so says Dorothy).
I like that "shopaholic" photo!

Raybeard said...

I didn't know about the Anne-Marie situation, Ron, and I shan't enquire further, nor mention it to her, it not being my business.

I did see 'Tom of Finland' though found it a massive disappointment:-

'God's Own Country' was a great cinema success here, though it was one of those films on my 'no-no' list as it necessarily featured animals in a big way. It'll be one of the most significant omissions in my upcoming Top 10 of the year simply because I couldn't bring myself to see it. (Incidentally, it was shot in my 'home' county of Yorkshire in the north of England).

Went to see another 'gay' film this afternoon, an American one - 'Beach Rats'. Review coming on the morrow.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - yep finally got in last nite about 10:30 pm. So a good 15 hours plus. But it's part of the holiday experience which we really are lucky to have. You'll have to tell the folks here about the symphony as well. And if you use that pic of us in the audience - please explain it was meant to be comical LOL. Looking forward to the next instalment.

Ron said...

I love our quarterly my quarterly get togethers with Pat. No matter what we do, we always have an adventure. A real treat. After all these years I've found the formula!

Ron said...

Another fabulous get together Pat! We have the perfect formula for having a good time. Best time of my life, and you make it possible.

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