Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

Me in my last Halloween costume trolling Rehoboth Avenue in Rehoboth Beach 2009

Scary times folks!  

Here we go with another Halloween. I won't be dressing up this year either.  These holidays just come up on my too fast. Years past I always used to make a big deal out of Halloween.  From the time I was a little kid of ten years old trick and treating up and down Washington Avenue until my adult Halloween days when I hit the gay bars in Philadelphia dressed as an Arab sheik. 

Me, Halloween 1980 in Philadelphia, PA

Not this year. 

Me and my late friend Bob McCamley, Halloween 1979 in Philadelphia, PA

Several reasons why I'm not immersing myself in the Halloween festivities this year.  The main  reason is that I don't drive at night. The last time I went out for Halloween was in 2009, eight years ago!  Where oh where does the time go?

Maybe next year, if I'm here.

Me (tall white haired slasher in back) with my late neighbor's Al and Don - 2007


Raybeard said...

If you wanted give cause for nightmares, Ron, you succeeded. 'Disturbing' is 'le mot juste'!

nitewrit said...


Always glad to get this day over with anymore. Usually we have went out to a restaurant thus avoiding the normal rush hour of goblins, but this year I picked up some hoagies this morning. We eat these as we hide away in our darked house. There are no kids anymore in our block except across the street and the boythere is a Jehova Witness so doesn't celebrate Halloween. It is scary this night for sure to drive out of the community. They seem to bus the trick 'n' treaters in to this community and the one we butt up against. There are so many roaming the streets I fear running one over in the dark.


Deedles said...

I haven't celebrated any of the holidays since I was 17. I must say, though, you made a mighty handsome and dashing sheik! The other stuff, I'm just going to try to forget.

Ron said...

You're funny Deedles! I really enjoyed being a sheik for an evening. I rented the costume from the Philadelphia Costume Company. The same company that provides costumes for professional theater plays in Philadelphia. Nice not to wear a cheap costume but a real one.

Ron said...

When we first moved her I did the "Halloween" thing with scary music and candy packages. This was the first time in my life that I lived in a neighborhood that I could do that. Of course the novelty that activity quickly wore off when I realized some of the "kids" were being brought into the neighborhood from surrounding areas and many didn't even have costumes on. They were just filling up with bags of candy and goodies. Go to the store and buy your candy "kids." Unforuntately I've turned into a "Bah humbug!" Halloween Grinch. Our lights will be out tonight.

Ron said...

I have succeeded! My intent was to disturb (smile).

Jon said...

I can identify with what you said. I used to make a big deal out of Halloween, too - but lately time flies by too quickly and I'm always busy with other things. I bought a few pumpkins this year but didn't even carve a jack-o-lantern.
I like all the Halloween photos - and especially that Arab sheik outfit. It looks great!!!

Bea said...

The sheik costume is super cool. -bet you were a hit at all the clubs. :)

Ur-spo said...

I am sorry I am late to the party I hope your night was a splendid one.

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