Wednesday, September 13, 2017

On TV Again

"Josh" from the News Journal video taping me this morning on our back deck (it was raining)

Well folks, after two tries I didn't make it upstage on "The Price is Right" but for the second time in four years I've been interviewed by a TV reporter. That happened this morning at my home.  

Last week I was contacted by a reporter for the New Journal (Wilmington, DE) re neighborhood opposition to the Highway One Concerts.  

Bill and I live in a development directly across from a venue called Hudson Fields. We have lived her eleven years now.  Occasionally, mostly during the summer events are held in Hudson Fields.  Mostly soccer matches accompanied by an announcer shouting over the microphone, revving up the crowd. That never bothered me. To me that was summertime activity.  Sure, there was noise but people were enjoying themselves and it wasn't really that loud.  Hudson Fields also sponsored at times food trucks accompanied by music. Again, never bothered me.  Sure, there was music, sometimes loud but never really THAT loud. At it only lasted during a few hours in the afternoon.

Then came this summer.  The owner of Hudson Fields decided, without consultation from any of the folks living in the nearby neighborhoods, to throw a couple of rock concerts.  That's right folks, ROCK CONCERTS.  Yep, with the gigantic stage, flood lights and BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! speakers.

Highway One Concerts Hudson Fields Milton DE
(want one of these in your backyard?)

At first I thought when I heard the band start their sound checks at 2 in the afternoon "Oh, now that's different."  Again, just more activity at the venue across the street that didn't unduly concern me. However when the band started to play about four in the afternoon and continue through 10 pm at night, I thought "Well, that's a little much."  Again, I didn't do anything about it. 

Then a week or so later there was another concert. Again, the sound checks for a couple hours in the afternoon then the concert itself which continued into the summertime darkness.  And yes, traffic was tied up outside our little development because the police restricted everything to one lane for the concert goers ingress and egress.  

Then about a week later, ANOTHER concert.  Now by this time I was getting tired of hours of "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"  Uh, I thought I moved to southern Delaware in this nice new neighborhood for peace and quiet. Apparently the owner of Hudson Fields has decided to put his business first before the interests of the surrounding neighborhoods and book concerts. Oh for sure, some of my neighbors like the concerts, especially the ones who lived farther away from the actual concert but here in my development, we're right in the line of fire.

Others were concern and wrote about in  our local NextDoor app.  Some wrote letters to the editor of the local newspaper.  Believe it or not they stopped the concerts.  I don't know if it was the result of some of our neighbors complaining or they just didn't have enough ticket sales (as was claimed for the Christian rock concert that was cancelled).  

Two weeks ago the owner the Hudson Fields was quoted in the newspaper that he was "confused" as to why his Highway One Concerts were disturbing anyone.  He said that back in the Eighties he had a Beach Boys concert that thousands attended and no one complained.  Also that the original Punkin Chunkin was held in his venue and no one complained.  I wrote a letter to the editor to clear up his confusion. Back in the Eighties there was a horse meadow where our development is now.  


This morning I was told there were originally TEN concerts scheduled for this summer.  I was aghast. I said "Could you imagine if I hired a band and had TEN events in my backyard during the summer? Do you think the neighbors would complain?"  Of course they would. I wouldn't get away with it.  It seems that the owner of Hudson Fields feels he is entitled to do whatever he wants for his business.  He claims he is "contributing to the local economy."  How's that? By collecting a fee from the concert goers and paying the bands and keeping the difference as a business profit for yourself and your family?  What?  At my expense of not living in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood?  Oh sure, perhaps he pays a few locals minimum wage to pass out hot dogs and may a few food vendors.  Give me a break.  He's doing this for his bottom line with a total disregard for the neighbors he is bothering.

I also heard another quote this morning from the owner of that venue.  He said "Why should a few complainers have an impact on my business?" Talk about myopic vision. Some businessman. Total disregard for his fellow citizens, it's all about him. No wonder he was always putting up those right wing signs on the billboard in front of his office that assaulted everyone with his "message."  

At the interview this morning I made the point as well as my neighbor Howard made the same point, we both like music and don't mind some events being held in that field across from us but not for nine hours straight with the "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"  

I have to tell you folks, I am a bit surprised that my complaints had an effect, however temporary.  I know the owner of the Hudson fields (his name is "Hudson" by the way, Christian Hudson) has was more political clout that I do but this is a free country and I can express my opinion, positive or negative.  

Tomorrow I'm off to Canada for a ten day sojourn to visit my friend Pat in his new digs in Hamilton. Guess what we're going to do almost every day, listen to street bands.  Yep, Pat plays in a band. 

Yep, that's Pat and his band back in the Eighties - Pat is in the middle with his hand to his chin (what? You didn't recognize him?)


Harry Hamid said...

Oh, that's a wild one. When I hear stories like this, I immediately begin to figure out who would be in the right if it ended up going to court.

With nuisance law, there's something called "moving to the nuisance," and if someone moved across the street from a rock venue, then they'd probably get caught in that. But if they haven't been having rock concerts there for a long time, then the venue you moved across from wasn't one where rock concerts could be expected.

Bumping things up to rock concerts would then put them in a bad position.

That being said, it sounds like merely making your position heard is enough to resolve the problem in this case, and that's great. Crazy stuff.

Ur-spo said...

travel safe

Raybeard said...

No, I wouldn't have recognised Pat if you hadn't identified him - and btw: he looks hotter now!
Speaking of hotties, oh lordy, that Jason qualifies.

And good to see you maintaining your 'celebrity status', Ron.

Ron said...

This guy who owns the venue was testing us without consulting us because he knew most of us would turn him down. He thought he could get away with ramming his concerts down our throats. Not going to work, To tell you the truth, I'm pleasantly surprised our complaints were listened to and we did stop the concerts. At least ten of then happening this summer.

Ron said...

Pat is a hottie and especially now. I never thought I would be attracted to an older person but I find him more attractive than younger guys. Maybe it's my age but I just can't get worked up over younger guys. And I'm glad because I wouldn't want to be trapped in that no win situation.

Bea said...

-digging the band pic!!

Ur-spo said...

I too liked the band photo.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Back from my holiday. Will write about it soon on my blog as soon as I recover. Going through Pearson Airport in Toronto was an absolute nightmare for me. Never again. Time with Pat in Hamilton, other than his hot condo, was great.

Ron said...

I do too Bea!

Ron said...

Good composition on the band photo.