Saturday, September 09, 2017

Death and Destruction

Now there is a blog title to get attention. 

This morning I am thinking and very concerned will all those in Florida who are going too be impacted by Hurricane Irma. 
Hurricane Irma headed towards Florida

The evacuation of Florida inhabitants is said to be the largest in U.S. history.  This is one record we don't need to set. 

I'm hoping that this monster hurricane veers off to the ocean or gulf. However, watching the wall to wall news coverage this morning, that doesn't seem to be the path of the storm.  

Several years ago, when Hurricane Sandy blew through here, I was very worried. Here in southern Delaware we also live on a peninsula and only have one way out, Route One to the north. I didn't even want to think about being in the midst of that nightmarish traffic jam out.  And where would I go?  My brother in Pennsylvania who I am estranged from?  Yeah, right.  I would figure something out.

We decided to ride out the storm.  I wasn't sure whether to get my important documents out of the basement for fear of flooding or take them with me, and try to hold on to them through the hurricane winds.  Thankfully, Hurricane Sandy took a slight turn and just missed us by fifty miles. Lucky, lucky, lucky. 

Here's hoping our country gets through this latest weather threat with minimal damage. 

Hurricane Irma


Harry Hamid said...

Those islands to the south have already gotten it so badly! Hopefully, the evacuation will save a lot of lives.

I didn't evacuate in Houston back in 2005, when Hurricane Rita sent a third of our population to the freeways out of town. And we lucked out that time anyway. Still, if I ever get told to evacuate again, I'm leaving.

Raybeard said...

Hellishly scary, Ron - and it's going to get even worse over time, though it seems hardly imaginable. All our sympathies to those millions upon millions affected. And to think that it's all due to this 'Chinese hoax' of climate change!

Jon said...

I've never understood why so many people love Florida. I'd much rather be here with the 'possums in the TN wilderness. My cousin Nancy lived in Homestead, Florida when it was hit by Hurricane Andrew. She lost EVERYTHING.

Presently I have two more cousins in Florida. Nancy's sister lives in Stuart (they've evacuated).
My cousin Cookie (Elizabeth) just moved to FL a few months ago. They bought a house near Orlando - - and so far they have decided not to evacuate.
I feel so sorry for all the people there.

Ron said...

I don't get the Florida Thing either. A lot of gays here in the Rehoboth Beach area either have a place in Orlando or move there in the winter or permanently. Me? I would rather go to California. And in the summertime? Forget it. All that heat and humidity plus I have all the Hispanic culture I can take right here in southern Delaware.
I do feel sorry for the people there. A very good friend of mine and former high school classmate lives in Boca Raton. Another friend has a place in Boca, Tom J., he just returned from there. My cousin Donna used to live in Key West but she got so tired of hurricanes chasing her out she moved, guess where? Tennessee? Gatlinburg to be specific. Enjoy that wonderful mountain scenery Jon!

Ron said...

That fat pig liar Rush Limbaugh even said the hurricane hysteria was a hoax. Of course he's hauled his fat ass out of there. It is climate change that is causing all these extreme weather conditions and it's only going to get worse. I do feel sorry for those folks down there. I wouldn't live there for any reason, too hot and humid in the summertime. Of course we're still due for "The Big One" here on the Delmarva peninsula. We just narrowly missed it with Hurricane Sandy (by fifty miles.) Always something to worry about isn't there Ray?

Ron said...

Wow Harry. I don't know if I would evacuate. I probably would even though there is only one main road out of here on the Delmarva peninsula. Hurricane Sandy was a scare. We just missed that by fifty miles. I hope I never have to make this decision in my lifetime or what's left of it anyway.

Larry Meredith said...


I don't get the Florida thing either. I was in Florida in the 'eighties (on business) and I hated it. According to the weather news this morning, that forgotten guy, Jose, is circling about in the Atlantic. They said the computer models are saying he will do a little figure 8 then head West toward the states coming in perhaps in the mid-Atlantic states. Have to keep an eye on this guy. We are only halfway through the Hurricane season.


Ron said...

We don't need any stinking hurricanes up this way.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could recall where so I could cite the article, but during all the hurricane hubbub I read an interesting piece about how it is not only difficult for elderly (which you seem insistent on painting yourself as, Ron (smile)) folk to evacuate, it is often impossible. I think the article was trying to point this out and perhaps offer some suggestions such as "first call, first out" for people who are home bound, etc., as they will need much more help and time to evacuate.

I guess in your situation, if you don't evacuate you can shelter in the basement and hope there is no flooding, but if the water does start to rise you have the second floor. I, too, hope you and Bill are never faced with that decision. ~~ NB

Ron said...

I really don't know what I will do if face with a hurricane rolling through here. I hope I never have to make that decision in my lifetime.