Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fourth of July 2017 Musings

Brother John Fourth of July 1954 Downingtown, PA

Happy Fourth of July to all my friends and blog readers!

This morning I was wondering what kind of unique photo I could post to my blog celebrating the Fourth. I could do an American flag gif.  But I've done that before.  Something different Ron.  

Then I thought it's been awhile since I've taken a trip down Memory Lane. In fact I'm long overdue to take one of those trips down Memory Lane via photos. 

This morning this photo of my youngest brother John came up on my Facebook account. Facebook has this feature that reminds me of photos I've posted in previous years. This is one of those photos that I've posted.

I remember clearly when I took this photo.  It was the summer of 1954 at our free apartment at the intersection of Boot Road and Chestnut Street in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The previous Christmas I had received my very first camera, a Kodak camera.

This is not my actual personal camera but the type that I had that I took my first black and white photos with in the Fifties - Oh I LOVED that camera!

Yes folks, even way back in 1954 I enjoyed taking photos. However, back in those olden times I could only take eight black and white photos at a time and would have to wait a week to ten days before they were developed.  Imagine the thousands of photos I would have if I had an iPhone back then!  But I didn't but I did take a fare amount of photos which was pretty good for a paper boy who only made $5.00 a week delivering papers.  And I spent most of my money on candy and comic books. It's a wonder I had any money left to pay to have those film rolls developed. 

One of the goals I had when I retired was to digitalize all my old photos. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't been that successful in achieving that goal. I think I've only digitalized about 15 to 20% of my old photos. Time to get to work Ron.

Folks, I have to tell you as each day goes by it seems that I fall further behind in achieving goals that I have set for myself. In fact I'm having trouble just keeping up with daily chores. I guess I should worry but I'm not. I just focus on what is important and that is keeping the bills paid, and taking care of Bill. I guess you could say my main responsibility now is "Taking care of Bill and bills."  At least I've been keeping up with my blog which is a major achievement for me.

Happy Fourth everyone!


Bea said...

Happy Fourth! I feel like that poor hamster sometimes.

pat888 said...

Happy July 4th to you, Ron, and all your American readers. We just celebrated Canada Day 150 years - and happily no bad incidents. I sincerely it is that way too in the great USA. I humbly consider it very privileged to live in Canada and have such great neighbours to the south. And whatever you choose to do today I hope it is most enjoyable!


Anonymous said...

Blogging is your call to duty. Hope Bill is seeing clearer and all stays status quo.

Ur-spo said...

happy 4th to you too dearie !

Geo. said...

Happy Fourth to you too, Ron. Great photo. Memorable camera. Simpler time. Glad we all made it this far together. When I doubt liberty and honor are still connected, all I have to do is visit your blog. Thanks.

WARPed said...


Bill's health and yours is the most important thing; don't worry about bills or money.

I mean, if you need to, you can always downsize and move to the trailer park, right?



Ron said...

Don't we all feel like that poor hamster sometimes!?

Ron said...

We here in the USA are priviliged to have your country Canada as a neighbor. In all my 75 years I have never met anyone who doesn't LOVE Canada. You say Canada to a USA citizen and a smile comes across their face immediately. Happy Canada Day to you and your countrymen (and women) too!

Ron said...

Blogging is my call to duty! Bill's eyes are getting better every day. This has been some ordeal but thankfully we're near completion of his cataract procedure and he will soon get his driver's license back.

Ron said...

Happy Fourth to you and your birthday coming up soon!

Ron said...

You remember that camera? I don't know what happened to that camera. Took a lot of great photos with it though. Weren't those simpler times better though? I remember them fondly.

Ron said...

A trailer park? NEVER! Both my brother started their married lives out in a trailer park. My best friend Bob McC. ended his life in a trailer park. Before I go in a trailer park I would buy a house in red state county like Iowa like Waterloo. Maybe I wouldn't have to do anything that drastic but I could find someplace less expensive than the seaside resort where I live now.