Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Smooth Moves

I can't dance. 

I love to dance but I can't dance. 

Not that I don't want to dance but I just don't have the "moves." 

I'm one of those quintessential white guys who has ZERO rhythm. 

Three years ago, when we (Pat and I) first visited Los Angeles, we went to disco night at Oil Can Harry's.

Oil Can Harry's West Hollywood, California

There, under the glittering lights of a disco ball, I fell flat on my back while trying one of my signature moves. There was a collective "GASP!" from the other dancers on the floor as they parted (like the Red Sea in "The Ten Commandments") as I lay flat on my back on the floor. My dance partner, a cute Hispanic mustachioed man wearing a wife beater T-shirt, looked down at me, this old man who has totally humiliated himself by falling while doing his moonwalk (who was I kidding?)  Unfortunately, Pat, who was videotaping the dance floor (he was enthralled by one guy who DID have the moves) and missed my fall completely. If he had recorded my fall I'm sure that video would have went viral on You Tube.

But here is someone who can dance. Very cool Pat. Oh how I wish I had natural rhythm like my talented friend Mr. Pat of Toronto, Canada.  Oh well, some do and some don't.

Pat and me at our favorite eatery in West Hollywood, the Veggie Grill on Sunset Boulevard


Anonymous said...

Uh, thanks for the giggle? The only time that I show any sense of rhythm in public is when someone plays "Play That Funky Music White Boy" (ironic since I'm mostly Black). Privately it's a whole different matter, or used to be before frozen shoulders and R.A. set in. You guys are just too cute!


Raybeard said...

When you showed off your spectacular collapse I bet everyone else was thinking "Hah! Pissed as a lord!" (And were you?)

Ron said...

I did succeed in making a complete fool out of myself. Entertainment for the night.

Ron said...

I NEVER show any sense of rhythm. I am totally uncoordinated. But I do feel good when I am "dancing." And by the way, we always have a good time, even when I make a complete fool out of myself and fall flat on my back on the floor.

Harry Hamid said...

I was picturing the Genesis walk thing from "I Can't Dance."

The important part is to have fun doing it, right?

Jimmy said...

A different take on Dinner And A Show. BTW, Pat is a cutie!

Jon said...

Well, if you're going to fall on your ass in public, it might as well be at a great Hollywood hangout like Oil Can Harry's.

I can't dance. Never did and never will. I keep all of my rhythmic moves out of the public eye....

Mike, Studio City said...

I have gone to OCH for 45 years. It is always a good time, with nice people.

pat888 said...

Ron, like so many of us - I bet you do your best dancing in the house. The great thing about dancing is - it's your own expression. Also great exercise.


Ron said...

That it is Mike. I wish we could meet up there next year. Let's do it!

Ron said...

I had a full audience, that's for sure. It's a shame that Pat didn't catch my fall on tape. He was taping but another part of the floor. I was mightily embarrassed but at least I didn't know anyone there. I haven't been back since (two years). I think it's safe to make a reappearance next year.

Ron said...

Pat and I are very comfortable with each other and we always have fun together.

Ron said...

You noticed! I think he's a cutie too!

Ron said...

Maybe, but my dancing has never been taped. I think I will tape one and review. Thanks for the tip!

Mike, Studio City said...

I check your blog pretty often. I am glad you are in good health and have Pat as a great friend.