Friday, June 09, 2017

Our Exciting Time In Philly

So what do Pat and I do when we're in Philly? Just how exciting are our adventures when we get together four times a year in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Toronto and Delaware?  Well, to the average person what Pat and I do is probably very boring.  But to me and Pat, we always have a good time.

One thing we do is visit our favorite restaurants and try new restaurants. In Philly we often dine at both Marathon Grills.  One Marathon Grill at 16th and Sansom Streets and the other Marathon Grill at 18th and Spruce Streets. Pat, as you know is a vegan, so we usually get vegan meals although I occasionally dive into a meal with dairy products. Occasionally I dive into a hamburger but usually I stay vegetarian to Pat's vegan meal choices.

Pat likes to visit furniture stores. I usually tag along with him.  I'm interested in furniture and enjoy these forays.  What Pat really likes to do though during our Philly stay is walk the streets and take in all the interesting buildings.  He is fascinated by the mix of buildings.  He likes the character of Philly's buildings.  It's interesting but for all the years I used to work and live in Philly I rarely looked up at the buildings, I was so focused on my job and my social life.  However, these days during our visits to Philly I look up and enjoy these historical buildings with Pat.

Pat especially like Old City, which is the historical section of Philadelphia.  Lots of interesting buildings there!

Pat looking towards the new tall buildings in center city Philadelphia from the 30th Street Station

Other than enjoying the restaurants and walking around and soaking in the vibrant, exciting and historical city that Philadelphia is now, we spend the rest of our time in our suite at my friend Don's co-op building. Pat and I both like to watch old movies on TCM, especially film noir.  We couldn't do that during this stay though.  It was Memorial Day weekend and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) was showing all military war movies.  Not to our taste.  

The Marathon Grill at 18th and Spruce Streets

We tried to watch other TV cable show but soon realized that was almost impossible. I didn't realize how many commercials are on cable TV these days.  Five minutes of movie and seven minutes of commercials.  We tried to watch some movies with all those commercials but soon gave up.  Not to worry though, we both enjoy playing Scrabble which is what we did, often.  

Pat and I standing in front of the former Fidelity Bank buildings (now Wells Fargo) where I used to work

So that is our exciting times in Philly. Works for us!

Pat and I getting ready for another walk down a Philly side street

Oh, I almost forgot. I take a LOT of pictures and videos during our quarterly get togethers. And I mean a LOT.  I LOVE taking pictures and videos. Can you tell?

Pat and I standing in front of 30th Street Station with the new buildings behind 30th Street


Jon said...

Sounds like you had a very pleasant time, Ron - and one that is exactly my "speed". (my days of wild adventures are definitely over).

The food looks great. I enjoy wandering through furniture stores...and I indulge in building watching.
I used to LOVE TCM!!! It's the only channel that I miss, now that I don't have a TV. But, you're right - the endless commercials on cable TV are extremely annoying. And it seems like they are getting longer than they used to be (or does it just SEEM like it?).

Anonymous said...

Philly pictures? While the Palm Springs photos are still in the vault. SAD.
Haven't been to Philly in years nice to see the vitality.

Bea said...

Philly has amazing architecture, and, judging by the photo, tasty breakfast options! Your old bank building is very grand. It looks like you've had another amazing adventure with your pal, Pat. Thank you for sharing!

Raybeard said...

Very nice pics, as I knew they would be.

Btw: I'm now just a whisker away from being 100% vegan. It's eggs I just don't want to give up - even though they've got to be free range, of course. Loved eggs all my life and, as far as I can tell, there just ain't no substitute for 'em.
But I really wanted to say that since I stopped taking dairy milk some years ago I've used only almond milk. However now, since just a couple of months, we've now got oat milk on the shelves, and I like it so much more. I was wondering what milk Pat uses (as well as the egg-substitute question). If it's not too much trouble, Ron, I'm curious to know his answers. Ta!

pat888 said...

Yep, Ron, you nailed it. Nothing extraordinary - but simple relaxed fun. And your "real" scrabble games are improving LOL.


nitewrit said...


Looking forward to more photos and stories of your last two trips, actually. We should try for a trip to Philly ourselves someday, both of us having such roots there. Places are disappearing on us, though. Philly ranks at the top of my favorite cities to visit because it is a walker's city. I've been to a number of cities over the years and these four are great walker's cities: Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans and Washington DC.


Linda said...


I am so glad you and Pat had a good vacation together. Keep cool it is going to be really hot for the next three days in Delaware and New Jersey (my neck of the woods).

Ron, I want to thank you again for recommending the book about aging in this country. It really helped me. My Mother who was 102 passed away on May 24th 2017. She was a strong, independent woman who lived on her on until December of 2016.
She lived the next 6 months in a Rehabilitation/Nursing Home. I visited her every day and then every two days. The last day I saw her alive was on May 23, 2017. She told me she could not breath, she had developed Pneumonia on Sunday, I notified the Nurses and they put her on Oxygen I my Mother knew she was going to die, as she told me she did not want anything to happen to me. I brushed her hair, creamed her face and arms and told her I loved her. The Nurse called later that night saying she had cut her arm on the chair and they were going to bandage it. I asked if she was okay and the Nurse said she was fine and resting. I received two more calls later that night to tell me she was passing and if it was okay to give her Morphine. I was shocked and upset and I told them it was okay to give her Morphine and I would not be coming back as I could not watch my Mother die. I received another call the next morning, the Nurse said she made it through the night and she was a strong woman. I told her I knew that and I decided I would go later that day. However about an hour and a half later, I received the call to tell me she had died.

I went to the Nursing Home later that day after the Funeral Home removed her body. I cried with her roommate Diana, who told me my Mother called out for her Mother. I hope she found her, Ron.
I donated her clothes to the Nursing Home. The Social Services Director thanked me so much, as some people come there with nothing.

Ron, I am sorry I this is so long. I am racked with guilt for not going to see my Mom, when they first called. It is a decision I will have to live with the rest of my life. So many friends and family members have told me, I have nothing to feel guilty about as I was a good daughter to her all her life. I have also been told by the Nurses and Doctors who took very good care of her that not everyone can handle watching their loved ones die. Some deaths are peaceful, some are not at all.

Take care,


Ur-spo said...

You always enjoy your PA visits!

Ron said...

That I do!!! Looking forward to our next visit at the end of November. A glorious week in Philly, again!

Ron said...

I am so sorry that you lost your Mother. Even though when we know our loved ones are very ill and near death it always comes as a shock to the system, especially when a parent dies. Please do not beat yourself up over the fact that you weren't with your mother when she died. I've never been with anyone when they died so I don't know how I would handle that situation. This is a personal decision we all eventually have to make. But please despair because you weren't with your mother. I'm sure she knew you loved her.
Thank you Linda for sharing your feelings.
Take care,

Ron said...

Philly is my absolute best city. I was so fortunate to have lived and worked there for as many years as I did. Now if they can just do something with the homeless, which seems to be a persistent and unresolvable problem.

Ron said...

I love seeing Philly through your eyes.

Ron said...

Great news! I can only drink almond milk now. I didn't realize that I was lactose intolerant but apparently I was because I now feel so much better since I stopped using cow's milk on my morning cereal. Like you I love eggs and will continue to eat them. But I think I'm done with eating chicken. I still eat some beef (hamburger) but very little. Not like I used to. I think Pat uses a soy based product for his egg substitute. I don't like soy but some of the fake chicken and fake beef soy products are al right. Pat also uses fake cheese. I've tried that but I don't like it. I'll ask him the name of that soy egg substitute. But you're on the right track pulling yourself away from animal based food and for vegan. You'll feel a lot better like I do.

Ron said...

Cable TV is ruined for me now because of the glut of commercials, far more than I remember what was on commercial TV. I DVR all my programs so I can fast forward through the commercials. I won't watch them. I've cancelled magazine subscriptions that have too many ads. I may eventually cancel my cable TV for the same reason.
Hope you're hold up all right under this current heat wave.

Ron said...

Guilty as charged! I have those Palm Springs pictures and videos I have yet to post. Look forward to seeing them in the future, maybe if I don't "loop" myself with my next trip to Palm Springs.

Ron said...

Life is good now. I've always wanted a good friend that I could travel with who enjoyed doing the same things that I like. Bill likes to stay at home except when he visits his former hometown of Toccoa, Georgia. When Bill and I travel we always end up fighting over small things. Pat is more easy going, a perfect pal to enjoy my adventures.

Raybeard said...

Thanks for that, Ron. Giving up eggs has always been a wrench too far for me as I so luv 'em, and have done as long as I remember, so any substitute had better taste the same at least, which is a very high bar indeed - and eggs being so versatile too. I'll give his sub a try when you find our what he uses.
I quite like almond milk but discovering oat milk only about 4-6 weeks ago I'm delighted with it 'cos it really tastes that much better, at least to me. Have you tried it (if you're able to cope with it)?

Btw, talking about lactose intolerance, I might have mentioned before that only about five years ago did I find out that all cats are just that too? Centuries of tradition in giving them dairy milk comes crashing down! I only give mine the specially prepared cat milk now, which all supermarkets here have in plenty - and the pussies just, well, lap it up! :-)

Oh, and the last time I had chicken is getting on for 30 years ago, now - fish nearer 40 - and beefburgers never!
I do like Quorn, though. The 'chicken-flavoured' slices and burgers are quite palatable.

pat888 said...

Hey Ray - Pat here. My diet is pretty simple overall. I think of myself as that dog that gets so excited and is just getting some more of the same dog food. But as for milk - my preference is unsweetened almond milk. 30 calories per glass. But sometimes they run out at the grocery store. Rather than going to another I choose either vanilla, or vanilla flavoured. I have also had cashew milk, which is low calorie, but seems more creamy.
I know what you mean about eggs, Ray. I used to love them any which way. But now what I enjoy instead when I have a hankering is scrambled tofu - which is similar in texture to scrambled eggs and very tasty - altho that can vary from restaurant to restaurant. I don't make it myself at the moment. There are two vegan cheeses I use. Daiya cheese is shredded in a package. I put those on my veggie dogs or let it melt over my steamed vegetables. I sometimes pick up veggie slices. They are very artificial and chemical probably - but I like them on my fake bologna and fake turkey slices with mustard. I have had pizza made with cashew cheese which was unbelievably good as well. Just on a last note - Ron lets me know some of your movie reviews and I find them very very well written and enjoyable. And for the movies I've seen that you've reviewed - I agree with you. I went to The Mummy today despite the bad reviews - and unfortunately - they were right. It could have been so much better with a tighter story - and not worry about one catastrophe after another the principles had to face. It was like an unending walk thru a haunted house in a way. But I hope some of this has been helpful. Take care.

Ron said...

Thank you for your thoughtful reply to Ray. And yes, Ray is an excellent movie reviewer. Some newspaper should hire him!

Raybeard said...

Thanks to Pat for all that. I'm going to have to copy all what you say and file it. So much info!
Don't think I've ever seen cashew milk - or even cashew cheese - but will look out for it. If that milk is anything as good as oatmilk my range has just been increased. Haven't investigated tofu much up to now so maybe I should start. Daiya cheese also I'm not familiar with but will investigate. It'll make a change from having to search out those cheese which don't contain rettin.

As for the film reviews, thanks for what you say. Frankly, re-reading most of them afterwards makes me cringe as I find them so poor. But Ron and yourself will have to get used to the idea that I'm now definitely in my 'sunset' period of writing them, though not sure yet when that same sun will dip below the horizon.
'The Mummy' was on my list of 'maybes', but the dire reviews here as well, now confirmed by your own opinion, pushes it much lower in my priorities.