Sunday, June 25, 2017

More Work Marathon Redux

Yep, I'm on a work marathon again. My co-worker (the one who got married last weekend on the beach and I worked her shift) was off this weekend to attend her niece's graduation. Thus I worked yesterday day shift and will work today night shift and then my regular shift tomorrow evening. 

I like working but I don't like working full-time at this time of my life. 

I like working part-time but I don't like working as a substitute work, like the fireman sleeping by the pole ready to slide down and hit the fire engine to fill in for a co-workers' latest family crises or migraine headache. But that is life . . . . I guess.

When I began this job at the hotel ten years ago I said I would be willing to fill in OCCASIONALLY as needed.  But what I find, as I found at my previous job at the Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania, I am the go to worker to fill in for others.  Now granted my co-workers are filling in for me when I go away four times a year with my Travel Buddy Pat.  

So I have to be fair and reasonable but sometimes I think I'm being taking advantage of my goodwill.  In fact I am. That was brought to my attention when I worked at the Hampton Inn when the manager forbade the assistant manager from calling me as often to fill in for my other co-workers during their issues ranging from family emergencies to just simple oversleeping (I worked with a lot of young workers) and not feeling like coming to work. More than once I was called while I was cooking to come in "right away" there was forty-five hotel guests in line waiting to check in. I left Bill with instructions on how to finish stirring my beef stew on the stove while I rushed to get into my work drag and beat a hasty path to the hotel.  

Hopefully I can get back to my regular schedule next week for the rest of the summer as an elder gentleman who works part-time at the hotel. Do you think?


Harry Hamid said...

Probably not. Once you are the go-to person, everyone takes it for granted that you ARE the go-to person.

At my job, we have evening and weekend tasks a couple times a month. I am a single guy with no kids and no social life, so I used to say I'd help out if someone with kids needed to be home with their kids at a certain time.

What I didn't realize was that everyone was aying all along, 'Harry doesn't have a spouse or kids or real schedule outside work - why can't he do it all?"

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be there, of course. But you're in for this for the duration!

Jon said...

I heartily applaud you for being such a diligent and conscientious worker (they're getting more and more difficult to find)- - but being the good, congenial guy always seems to backfire. And it can turn into a very touchy subject in the workplace, where hard feelings and selfishness abound. If you complain, or mention your plight, you'll probably be labeled the "difficult" or "bad" guy.
We can never win, can we?

Anyway, I certainly hope things get back to "normal" and you can be a part-time worker again. Hang in there!

nitewrit said...


Just say no sometimes.


Mike, Studio City said...

Well, now we feel lazy. We just got back from the 'Sunday' farmers market and we are beat.

Ron said...

During all my years working for banks in Philly (37), I always volunteered to work the holidays to give my co-workers time off to be with their families. I still do the same since I've been working for hotels the past 19 years. What I object to is being treated as a substitute worker for the whims of some of my co-workers. Gets old after awhile. Not appreciated either. After a while I say "What's the points of being constantly used and being taken advantage of?" The worm turns.

Ron said...

I did, just yesterday. One of my co-workers requested that I work for her tomorrow night. No

Ron said...

How long have you been retired? Pat and I will have to check out that farmer's market when we are in California next February.

Ron said...

You're right, sometimes being the "good guy" backfires when you no longer are compliant with the whims of co-workers all to willing to take advantage of your good nature and you're labeled the bad guy. A narrow line to navigate for sure.