Saturday, June 17, 2017

Marathon Work Schedule

Well, here I am working full-time again folks. Me, the part-time hotel front desk clerk working full-time.  I guess I shouldn't complain because I can certainly use the extra money to fund my quarterly trips with my Canadian Travel Buddy, Pat. 

This week I worked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, last night and again today. I was scheduled to work Sunday but former co-worker took pity on my and offered to work my shift Sunday that I was filling in for another co-worker is took off this weekend to get married . . . . on the beach.  

Next weekend I'm working during the days.  All this work during the height of the summer season.  

Last night the hotel was PACKED.

A group had taken over the hotel (many with their children) for their annual get together for one of our senators.  The hotel where I work has twenty-one rooms and three VIP suites. The hotel where I used to work in Pennsylvania had ninety-two rooms.  I frequently had to check in 45 rooms all by myself.  At the hotel where I work now I rarely have to check in more than five rooms.  Not last night, all twenty-one rooms and three suites I had to check in.  All the while the phones were ringing for reservations and folks stopping in to by tickets to the local garden tour which is taking place today as I type this blog.  Talk about multi-tasking.  At the Hampton Inn I was used to juggling all those balls at once. 

At the hotel where I work now I've become acclimated to a more relaxed work experience.  Not last night though.  While one of the owners was standing behind me watching me and my octopus arms attempting to keep the flow going, I wondered "How much longer can I do this?"  Then to top everything else off I had to deal with a Chatty Cathy housekeeper who came in for turndown.  It's all a challenge folks. The sacrifices I make for those four times a year carefree trips to Philly, Los Angeles and Toronto.  It's worth it folks!

Pat and me in Palm Springs, California this past February. The ONLY place to spend February!

Have a great day!


nitewrit said...


Wondered where you had disappeared to this time? I've been keeping up with your infrequent posts, even though I haven't commented lately. I've been busy keeping my own post going and now we got church stuff to attent to. I could use money, too, but I don't think I could go back to work. Physically I wear out too quickly and I am having some problems mentally as well. I'm glad you can keep up with the frenzy the hotel must be this time of year.


Travel said...

At the end of the day, it is nice to be needed, they really need you.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - hang in there. Only 2 more months to Hamilton. And, you are flying directly into Toronto. Perhaps, one day, I hope, Hamilton International Airport will have more destinations. And without having to pay for accommodations and car rental - this is an inexpensive holiday. Very carefree. I'm hoping to get a few more background acting jobs to offset the other holidays. It's great to have that extra vacation money.

Karen said...

Hi Ron- do people ever mistake you and Ron for brothers? You sure look alike to me!

Jon said...

You have more integrity, patience, and fortitude than I do, Ron. Bless you for that! Hang in there - - and keep thinking about your upcoming visit to Canada.

Ron said...

Quite frequently Karen. Which surprised us the first time but after the fifth or sixth time in a different city, we realized that perhaps we do look like brothers.

Ron said...

The older I get the more (or less) my patience. Looking so forward to my next trip to Canada (Hamilton).

Ron said...

I have no doubt that Hamilton will have direct flights soon from major cities. Hamilton is being reborn and you'll be right in on the ground floor!

Ron said...

Of course, you are right and I do need to be needed although at times that fact is clouded by my sometimes heavy work schedule.

Ron said...

I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this work schedule. I'm working days this weekend. I can handle working two nights a week but when I work five days in a row, in the height of the season, that's when I am tested. When I worked at the Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania, I never gave my work schedule that much thought. Especially when I worked two jobs at once (both at the hotel at night and the bank during the day.) I can't do that anymore.