Monday, May 08, 2017

Trump and House Republicans Declare Health Care Victory

Trump and the House Republicans "celebrating" taking healthcare away from 24 millions Americans and taking the fist step to giving 880 billion dollars in tax cuts to the richest Americans.  All white, comfortable and powerful white men. Do you not know anything about images you dumb ass orange monster? "Look at me, I'm president!"

Take a look at this photo folks of all these white men declaring "victory" over repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as "Obama Care."

Yes, all comfortable well off white men of power and influence have just passed a bill that will take health care away from 24 million Americans.  

Of course this isn't law yet.  The Republicans were bussed over to the White House to feed Trump's insatiable ego.  The law they passed has to go through the Senate yet.  And the consensus is that it will never pass the Senate in its present form.

So what are all these comfortable, well off and powerful white men celebrating?  The fact that they could get ANYTHING out of the House of Representatives.  Did they actually read the bill? Very doubtful.  Does Trump actually know what's in the bill?  Highly doubtful.  It is a well known fact that Trump is too lazy to read.  Short attention span.

So here we go folks, the Republicans are now busy trying to pass more BIG LIES to the American public like those with pre-existing conditions will not be affected by this bill. So why pass another bill?  Just to get rid of the name Obamacare?  Certainly. 

So here is the TRUTH folks, this is the first step of a massive transfer of wealth from poor and middle class Americans to the very wealthy.  Eight-hundred and eighty-billion in tax cuts mainly benefiting the rich over the next ten years defunding Medicaid. Older folks will pay up to five times the price of their premiums that they pay now. And those with pre-existing conditions WILL lose.  People will die just so the rich can have more tax cuts, that they clearly don't need.

Two of the biggest monsters and liars in public life today - Paul Ryan is about to realize his lifetime dream of destroying the safety net of Medicare and Social Security.  One is clueless and the other knows exactly what he is doing - using the clueless one to advance his agenda.

So much for Trump's promise during his campaign that he would not touch Medicaid. But of course by now we all know that Trump is a pathological liar.  Even his most fervent supporters will admit that fact now.  

We are living in dark times folks. This is a test for our democracy.

A very self satisfied monster and his soulless enablers 


Raybeard said...

Looks like a photo of a syndicate which has just won the national lottery - and, goodness me, that's exactly what it is! And not a woman among them. Oh, just a sec, there's one keeping her head down. Keep it down, lady!

Ron said...

They didn't have a clue how awful this optic looked. Terrible.

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