Thursday, May 04, 2017

Our Day at The Price is Right

Can you see me and Pat in the audience during the opening sequence of the first taping? We're in the back wearing custom made Price is Right white T-shirts. Pat has a red baseball cap on.  

Tuesday and yesterday our appearance in the audience of "The Price is Right" was on TV.  

For the past two years I have written for tickets to attend "The Price is Right" TV show taping during our visit to Los Angeles. 

Well, you don't see me and Pat down front. We're still in back (to the left in white T-shirts) during the first pricing game

Of course we were hoping to be chosen to "Come on down!" and appear on the stage with Drew Carey and the chance to win a prize.  Unfortunately, that hasn't happened . . . . . yet.  But as they tell you when you attend TPIR show, "everyone will appear on TV."  They were right.  

I think that is the genius of the producers of TPIR is that they do include the whole audience in the show.  They have three cameras on booms that are constantly sweeping over the audience.  

Our friend Antoinette from the line is chosen to "Come on down!" You can see Pat in the upper right corner (he in the gray sweater)

This year's taping that we attended was on February 14th, Valentine's day.  We were told that the taping would appear on TV May 2nd and 3rd.  

The Price is Right has two tapings a day. One at 12 noon, for which we get in line at 8 am in the morning.  The afternoon taping is three o'clock.  

Antoinette wins her bid and goes upstage to meet Drew Carey - you can see me (in the green baseball cap on the right) and Pat in the red baseball cap and gray sweater

This year they were short of audience members for the second taping so they asked for volunteers.  I volunteered me and Pat.  

Antoinette tells Drew she is from Texas while I bore the guy in blue sitting next to me about my story of standing in line with Antoinette and teasing her about not being called because she was last in line. Boy was I wrong!

Attending TPIR tapings may seem like a lot of time standing in line, and we do, but believe me folks, we're not bored.  We get to meet others in line and TPIR folks keep us entertained.  Quite a bit of time is taken passing the security clearance, including photos taken of each and every member of the audience of 425 souls.  

During the second show Pat and I were next to last in the line. There was a couple behind us in line who had also attended the first taping who volunteered to stay for the second taping.  I was talking to the woman and kidding her that we wouldn't get chosen because we were on the first taping.  This despite the folks at TPIR assuring us that many audience members included in the second taping have been chosen to "Come on down!" and won prizes.  Well guess what folks?  The woman I was kidding about not being chosen, WAS CHOSEN.  And he won a car!  I have included those photos of her in this blog, including me and Pat (the two old guys with hats) sitting in the audience.  You'll see me telling the couple sitting beside me in the audience the same story about this lady  

I'm still telling my story while Pat claps for Antoinette 

Always fun to attend "The Price is Right" tapings.  Can't wait until next year.  And who knows?  Maybe Pat or I will be chosen this time.  Stranger things have happened!

Below, Pat and I walk to the CBS TV studio to attend "The Price Is Right" taping on February 14th, 2017.


Harry Hamid said...

That's cool. You were probably fortunate you weren't chosen. My grandmother used to say that "They play dirty on that show!" although I don't know what that means, exactly. But I trust my grandmother, so they must.

Pudge450 said...

I read one time that when you are in line and representatives of the show are enteracting with you, they are screening for potential "come on down" contestants. They are looking for personality and liveliness. Next year, you need to brush up on your "lively" skills. Did you notice them asking anyone their name? Or were your tickets numbered and cross referenced to names?

Jon said...

Sometimes winning big prizes turns out to be more of a pain than a pleasure (I'm thinking of that old 1950 movie "The Jackpot" starring James Stewart and Barbara Hale).

I think just having the experience is the most fun of all - and I'm glad you and Pat stayed for the second show.
Heck, maybe you'll win a motorboat next year (I could use one here in TN with all the rain).

Ur-spo said...

what a hoot.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Wouldn't it be great if you and "the boys" (Someone, Larry, Nate and Doug) were with me and Pat at next year's show? Let me know, I'll write for those tickets!

Ron said...

You're right, the experience is a lot of fun. Those folks at The Price is Right know what they're doing. Of course it would be fun to be called to "Come on down!" but still, the whole experience was fun.

Ron said...

I heard that. Representatives are checking us out in the line. In fact, they interview us briefly. But I can only be who I am and I think I am pretty lively but perhaps not for their show. Still, it was a lot of fun to be there and enjoy the experience.

Ron said...

My Mother used to say the same thing! But she never missed watching that show (smile). I think she was probably referring to the bidders bidding a dollar over the previous bid. But that isn't always a winning strategy.

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