Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Medical Update

Bill having his right eye check after his cataract surgery 

Hey folks, much to the relief of some of you I'm going to take a (temporary) break from my political rants. Oh don't worry, I'm still ranting.  This time on my Facebook account (which is driving some of my far right wing nut Tipton relatives into bombarding me with their vile comments) and my Twitter account (which I rarely use).  

I also want to apologize to my favorite bloggers because I haven't been reading your blogs. My feeble justification is that this is Springtime and I'm spending a lot of time outside trying to relax and get away from this nightmare called Trump.

So here is a medical update.  I just received news today from my new urology doctor that I have several kidney stones ready to "drop." That means I have several time bombs ready to go off . . . at anytime.  By the way, I visited my new urologist yesterday and I am very happy with him.  Unlike my previous urologist, who was the only game in town until this new urology doctor came into town from Dover.  I asked his office why they opened an office here in southern Delaware and they told me they were receiving a number of patients from Sussex (southern Delaware).  They felt there was a "need" for a choice so they opened an office down here in Lower Slower Delaware, aka LSD.  Tell me about it.  My other urologist never seemed to have enough time for me.  During my last kidney stone episode one of his staff was very dismissive and rude to me while I was suffering a kidney stone passage. She literally hollered at me. Of course I hollered back at her but the dye was set.  I could no longer go to that office and subject myself to the way they were treating me now and have in the past. Two big problems I had with them other than the fact that the doctor was always rushed, was that he didn't believe into minimizing pain nor basic privacy practices. I guess this is what happens when you're the only game in town. Thank goodness that office now has competition.  The doctor I went to yesterday had time for me and explained things very clearly. They treated with me respect.  They listened to me.  The only downside is that if I have to have a procedure I would have to go to the Dover hospital.  And that folks is where I am today.

I received a call from my new urologist and he told me about my "time bombs."  He said it was up to me what I should do.  Well, that decision didn't take too long.  I'm going to have the procedure which "blasts" my kidney stones into many small pieces through what is called a "water bath."  This is not invasive surgery but I am put out. Hospital gown, IV's, and (best of all) knocked out with anesthetic. I've already had this procedure back in 2013 during my last kidney stone nightmare.  I went to La La Land and when I woke up my kidney stone time bombs were pulverized into many tiny kidney stones which, when they passed wouldn't cause me the "I hope I die" pain.  All I ended up with was bruises on my lower back.

I've opted to have this procedure now because I don't want to be on a plane headed to California when one of these kidney stones decides to drop.  You think that was brutal the way United Airlines took Dr. David Dao off the plane when he wouldn't give up his seat?  I think airline security would probably shoot me if I was writhing in pain in the aisle and putting the whole airplane and passengers at risk.  I also don't want my kidney stones to drop when I'm visiting Pat in Canada later this summer.  So the choice was easy, blast those kidney stones.

An update on Bill's cataract surgery.  All went well with his right eye.  Now we're going to get his left eye done in June. Now to juggle all these doctors' and medical appointments. I've said it before and I'll say it again:


nitewrit said...


If you would take some time and read my Blog posts, they will take you away from your "nightmare". Glad you got a doctor you like. Sounds like you are on the right track.


WARPed said...

Very informative video.

And those x-rays look just like you!



Ron said...

They do Andy!

Jon said...

Well, it's good to know that you have a new urologist and that you'll be getting those pesky kidney stones pulverized. And I'm glad that Bill will finally have his second eye surgery in June.

I don't mind your political rants. I'm always tempted to write some more of my own, but I know that it would cause 98 per cent of my blog readers to abandon me immediately. People can be EXTREMELY bitchy and irrational when they disagree with you....(we both know that from bitter experience).

Ur-spo said...

thank you for the updates!

Ron said...

Got to keep my fan base informed and happy!

Ron said...

With my political rants, I have to vent. But I'm sure most of the readers of my blog don't need or want to hear my political views. I was also ranting on Facebook until Dr. Spo called me on FaceTime and gave me some good advice, "calm down." I can't as long as the Orange Monster is in the White House but what I can do is channel my frustration to my Twitter account, which I have rarely used, up to now.

Ron said...

Still behind on my blog reading Lar. I have to catch up!

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